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gucci got me

My new perfume is...

Gucci "Guilty"


And thanks to Anita at Macy's, I got sucked into buying the gift set for $95.

The medium bottle is $75 and the large bottle is $95 so at least with the gift set, I got the large bottle, body lotion and atomizer spray for the same price as one single bottle. Definitely give this a try next time you're at the beauty counter. It was worth the wait.

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the perfect sweater

I couldn't get into my wool snowflake sweater fast enough this morning. It felt weird to wear it last week before Thanksgiving. I was afraid I'd get weird looks. Now that Christmas is in full swing, it's totes acceptable.

Circa American Eagle 2008. Speaking of AE, I just bought my first long puffer coat from them. They are having MAD crazy sales and I couldn't resist!

Photo 131

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come check out my tree

Hi guys! We're just winding down from a long and wonderful weekend. This morning I nixed spin class and went for an 8 mile run instead. It was beautiful but super chilly out. I made sure to layer up and wear my running gloves. After my run, I showered, got a blow out {thanks to the Hair Cuttery & their cheapo prices,} met my friend Amber for lunch, followed by a trip to the mall. I'll tell you what I got tomorrow. Right now it's all about our CHRISTMAS TREE!

I am officially done decorating our crib. I just finished up with the tree. Ahhh. She's so purdy.

What do you think? Not bad for a fake one huh?


We put it up yesterday but I decorated earlier this evening. I love it.


Christmas is truly the best time of year. I can't help but smile, I even think there's a little pep in my step too :0)


Once upon a time I was a brunette. Yes, me, Lisa "the blonder the better" Paige.


I LOVE pointsettias. We bought 13 at Home Depot. They have the best prices around for these little red gems.

IMG_2726 IMG_2729
My friend Danielle tipped me off about hanging a wreath over a mirrow {bc that's what she does.} What a brilliant idea! Why didn't I think of that? As soon as we parted ways, I went strait to where else?? PIER 1!  Can't beat a wreath that not only matches the color of your family room, but is also 25% off. Who am I to turn down a sale? In the midst of my Christmas decorating process, I found myself being very picky with the stuff I was putting up. I'm not a knick-knack kinda girl. I like classy and simple decor. Half the crap I've put up in past years didn't make the cut this year. I like this new minimal cleaner look. I'm going with it.

We're just relaxing now. Slow cooker Sunday was yet another success. Second week in a row we had stuffed peppers. We love our pepps. Hope you're enjoying your last day of freedom vacation.

Talk to ya on the radio tomorrow!

PS- Don't forget to check Lifetime and The Hallmark Channel for our favorite Christmas movies! My dvr is going to expolode with all the specials I have scheduled to record.

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sunday riff-raff

Sunday already? This sucks.

I'm up early and trying to decide whether I should go for a run or hit the 9:15 spin class. Decisions decisions.

Last night we went to the mall, but it was the quickest trip ever. I hate that. Stu had to get his jeans hemmed at Nordstrom, so while he did that, I browsed. Around 7, we drove to Jim and Cynthia's house to meet their new daughter Kate. She's only 2 weeks old and weighs just 7 lbs. It was like holding a cabbage patch preemie. Trey, Kate's older brother {turning 2 next month} gave me quite a workout. We played, colored, played some more and by 8:30, I was ready to die of exhaustion. Cynth looked at me and said "welcome to parenthood.". Very funny Cynth.

Today the plan is to get a blow out {thanks to Hair Cuttery,} meet my friend Amber for mani's and lunch and then back home to get Slow Cooker Sunday underway. I want to make the stuffed peppers we made last week, only omitting rice for couscous. Speaking of recipes, I dug out this recipe organizer my mom got me for Christmas last year. It took me a while, but I finally filled it up with all the magazine tear out's I've collected over the past couple of years. It's pretty rad if you ask me.

Ladies, I asked momma Paige where she found this and she thinks it was at a Hallmark Store.


Okay, gotta get off my ass and move. Have a fab Sunday!

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let's go shopping

Happy Saturday!

I got up early, had breakfast and then met Danielle for an 9am spin class. After class, we met up with Angela at Starbs. Ang and I have been dying to try a peppermint mocha. For the past 3 weeks, this stupid drink has been the bain of our existence. Today was the day we tasted it, and omg, it was definitely worth the calories. Wowzas. Christmas-ey goodness in my mouth. I'll be going back for another tonight this week.

Rewind to yesterday.

Before we started decorating, I had to make an impromptu trip over to Target. Stu says to me "Black Friday at Target?". My response? "We can do it babe, we'll power through." To be honest with you, Targs wasn't all that bad. Guess our expectations were too high. The toy and electronic areas were the most packed, everywhere else in the store was pretty calm. I made a bee line over to the Christmas section, but my attention was quickly diverted when we approached the candy and snack area.

Oh yes, peppermint oreos. 140 calories for 2. I'll pass.


tons of candy. yummmm.

My favorite. Candy cane tootsie pops. I always have extras in my purse. Ya know, just in case.

We're making progress.

I always make sure I  have "emergency gifts. These cookie mixes are perfect. In the cart they go.

Why not make it 11 creamers? Don't judge.

And we're done. Mission accomplished.

Last night our town held it's official Christmas tree lighting. There were Christmas carolers, hot chocolate and of course Santa. He arrived on top of a fire truck. Kids everywhere were going nuts. It was adorable. I swear, this was a scene strait out of a Lifetime. Phoebe and Miles were a huge hit with all the kiddos. Kinda made me want one or two little one's of my own. After the festivities died down, we went to dinner and then to the movies. We saw "Unstoppable." Not exactly the greatest movie to see if you commute in on a train every day, haha. It was really good. We like it a lot.

We're relaxing now, and then it's off to KOP for some Christmas shopping. Speaking of the KOP mall, did you know they have an iphone app?? YES!! Just download it, it's free {& fabulous.}

Hope you're having a great weekend.

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latest obsession

My latest obsession? Korres lip balm is in "Wild Rose". It's the most perfect shade of red for us fair skinned ladies. And it's only $10. Merry Christmas :0)


Photo 92 I've been wearing it non-stop since Friday. I discovered it at Sephora {literally 45 mns before the doors were opening for my pwp event.} I'm obsessed.

I wore it like nobody's business FRIDAY night and got tons of compliments. You know me, I never wear red. I'm a nude/pink kind of gal. Wild Rose has changed the game.

"Wild Rose" is a totes rockin' stocking stuffer if you ask me. I'm a fan.

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You know me and my un-dying love for uggs. As I was running the Philly half yesterday, I noticed a few cheering fans wearing these Ugg baily button boots. How cute are they?  All I could focus on was getting through the race, going home and ordering them. Done and done. They shipped out today :0)

Fyi, I got the tall chestnut pair. I can't wait to shove my cankles into these babies.


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weekend re-cap

No seriously.

I'm so happy it's a short week. I love this time of year!

How was your weekend? We did a ton. One thing I can cross off our list is a new couch {love seat.} We found one, and it wasn't the original couch I liked at Ikea. We went to Ikea on Saturday so I could stuff my face with swedish meatballs to see the couch in person. It was nice. I loved the idea of being able to switch  out the different slip covers whenever I wanted. Most of Ikea's furniture is slip-cover friendly. How versatile right??  Well, the couch itself was $579 and the slip cover sold separately for $239. Are you kidding me IKEA?? $818 for a damn love sea??  Screw that. We left with only an $8 vase. Epic fail. On the way home we stopped into Ashley furniture and there she was.....ahhhhh ahhhhh ahhhhhh.......the most perfect little love seat I'd ever seen.

As soon as Stu sat down on it, he knew this was the one. SO COMFORTABLE. This couch looks like it would be featured in a Pottery Barn show room. It was originally priced at $779, marked down to $559 on sale for $379! WHAT?? I thought it was a hoax. Nope. This couch really was marked down to $379. Obviously we got it. Ikea, you and your slip- covered over-priced couch can kiss my ass. Our new couch is being delivered this weekend. PS-Don't think for a second those hideous looking pillows are staying on that couch. Pier 1 will be getting a visit from me later.

As you know, yesterday I ran the Philly Half marathon. I'm still on cloud nine about our PR times! We also had another great SLOW COOKER SUNDAY. I made stuffed peppers and they came out phenomenal. I got the recipe off of a slow cooker app I have on my iphone. I bought 4 HUGE peppers, so we're having the last 2 tonight for dinner. Left-overs rule. These peppers were so good, that this weekend I'm making them all over again. The one thing I'm changing is the rice. Gonna replace it with couscous. Oh, and pair this dish up with some yummy whole grain bread.

Stuffed Green Bell Peppers



  1. Combine all ingredients, except 1/4 cup cheese and green peppers.
  2. Stuff peppers with this mixture. Arrange peppers in stoneware.
  3. Cover and cook on LOW 6-8 hours (HIGH: 3-4 hours).
  4. Sprinkle with remaining cheese during last 30 minutes of cooking.


BLOG UPDATE: all of the content has been converted to the new server, yay! Working on the updated header and a few more details. Shooting for a Christmas launch. Oh, and NO MORE PURPLE! EVER.

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gimme a comfy couch

I'm replacing the small green couch in our kitchen with this bigger, more comfy, "sittable" couch. We never use the one we have in there now because it's too darn small and uncomfortable. We bought it when we first moved into the house 4 yrs ago. I don't know what I was thinking when I decided on it. It's too small and way too stiff. Like the couch below, the current green one we have is from Ikea. I had no idea Ikea delivered. Awesome! I'll post before and after pic's we get this EKTORP LOVESEAT.


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ho! ho! ho!

VIA King of Prussia's FACEBOOK page:"Experience the magic of the holidays at King of Prussia Mall as Santa officially takes his seat on November 13! As an added convenience, King of Prussia Mall is offering the Santa Fast Pass, a great way to plan your visit ahead of time and avoid long lines!"

76301_463550367489_32008177489_5406257_764093_n The best Christmas gift I can give you {and me} is a new blog layout. It's coming I promise. No more cheesy purple :0) Just believe, hahahahha.

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