Have you joined? What are you waiting for?? Best. Site. Ever.

Oh, and it's FREE to join! Go to HauteLook.com and sign up baby!

Carlota from HauteLook.com was in town and swung by the station to chit chat about their amazing site. AS a matter of fact, thanks to HauteLook.com, I just bought my first pair of Rock & Republic jeans. They retail for $208, but thanks to HauteLook.com, I got them for $89!! All the major, and by major, I mean, 50-75% off serious designer swagg goes on sale every day at 11am. Perf! Sign up and start shopping ladies!! :0)

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a day in the life of....me!

Thoughts? Be honest guys!

I am so sorry the audio is effed up and not matching up with my words. Wth? I'm a newbie at this mac book pro business. I don't have the balls to edit on iMovie just yet. I'll get there soon enough. I rarely ever film on my mac {do all mac's do this?}. If you watch my other vids, most of them are shot on my flip {my holy grail.} I apologize for looking like a such a tool bag.

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great message!

Hi guys..Hope you're having a fab Friday :0)

Check out my good friend Nick's PSA for Dan Savage's "It Gets Better" campaign. It's not just gay kids that get teased. It could be anyone: short, tall, fat, skinny, etc. God didn't create the "perfect person." Let's stop with the bulling BS non-sense already!

I'm like a proud momma bear. I'm jealous that he's so great.

Professional and CUTE too!!


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facebook fan page


I've finally started a facebook fan page. Wait, I take that back, I've actually had this page for the past 2 years, but haven't actually "used it" per se. I promise to keep it up to date with what's going on, latest news, station events, pwp events, etc. Steppin' up my game starting NOW!!

If you enjoy listening to me on 923NOW and reading my blog, please "like" my new FB Fan page. Pretty please?? LOL.

Click HERE to check it out.


Have a great day loves!

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I changed my twitter name to lisapaigeNOW. I think it's much more fitting, hehe.

Make a note of it :0)


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this kid is funny

Before I leave, I had to post this video. It's strangely entertaining. This kid's totally pulling an "Oprah"; he has no idea what the actual lyrics are to "teenage dream", he only knows the hook {radio term} of the song, HAHAHA. He's not alone, I do this all the time too :0)

Love the facial expressions. This made my week!

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really mac book?

My mac book is really starting to tick me off, but that's for another day.

Guess what I found last night?????

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flo sho


Flo Rida stopped by 923 NOW last week and all I wanted was his blingin' 89 carat ring. His new song "The Club Can't Handle Me" is AWESOME to run too. Just sayin'

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blue is out

Thanks for all of your input regarding our new color scheme. I'm still totally undecided. I guess blue is totally out of the question seeing that most of you gave it a thumbs down. 

Should I do a vlog tomorrow and actually show you the color swatches I'm considering??

Also, click here to help influence. This is such a cool site {especially for you bloggies out there}. You can spread your influence around out there, and be influenced by others. Cooolio.

Lp jay sean See, I love everybody {some people more than others}. Jay Sean is a prime example. I loved on him a whole lot. The British accent gets me every time!

PS- Have you heard his new song 2012? HOT!! I'll play it for your tomorrow, but you have to listen to me on 923NOW.com!

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luv affair w/ my iPhone

A new study found that 27% of facebook and twitter users over the age of 25 think there's nothing wrong with interrupting a meal to read a message.

I am definitely an offender. I cannot be without my iPhone. Never ever. One day last fall I left it on my kitchen counter and I swear to God, I thought I was going to die without it. WORST feeling EVER!! Now I force myself to either leave my phone in the car or turn it off completely when I'm out with Stu. The temptation is always there to check my email, tweet or get on facebook. My phone is the devil :0) I can't imagine what will happen once I get my Ipad this week. Oy!

Are you addicted to being connected?

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