baby it's cold outside

I woke up early this morning with plans to take the dogs for a walk. Umm, yeah, not happening. It's flipping cold out and I'm a wuss.

Last night I met up with Nicole at Seasons 52 for din. We pretty much shut the place down, haha. We got there at 8 and didn't leave until 11!! That's a lot of gossip catching up and now I have no voice. For real.

Today consists of doing a whole lot of nothing. Spin class won't be the same this a.m. because my partners in crime aren't coming :0( Ang is in Cape Cod and Danielle has plans. Guess no Starbs after? Double boo!!


We're getting closer. Tomorrow I'm picking out a new header and then I think we'll be good to go. I HATE the layout/color/pictures on the blog and can't wait to ditch it. You will love the new format {I hope.}

Totally off the subject, but have you heard of Abdominal cuts? Kendra Wilkenson takes them.

I'm curious.

Have a great Sat. Stay warm!

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bring on the holidays!

Deck the halls with boughs of holly, 
Fa la la la la, la la la la. 
Tis the season to be jolly, 
Fa la la la la, la la la la.


The following Christmas events are brought to you by my friend Ang over at BucksHappening.com . She and her team have seriously hooked us up!! There are so many fun holiday events listed, I'm simply overwhelmed. I want to do it all!

I heart Christmas!! Thanks Ang & Tina.

Phoebe and Miles love the holidays just as much as their momma. Can't you tell??


Phoebe's just bursting with excitement!


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nate's sis has a blog!

Nate Berkus' sis has a new blog and it's wicked cute. Check it out HERE.

Umm, Nate, if you're reading this, please stop by my house or call me so we can talk about interior decorating. I'll even make you my infamous hot chocolate toddy :0)



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longest post ever..hand is cramping

As you know, this past Saturday was the Nordstrom Trend show. My alarm went off at 6am and I was out the door by 630 to pick up my girls. Ugh, rough getting up. It was cold out. I got to Danielle's at 645 and all three of us mocked 8 to KOP. We got there around 7:20 and already crazy women were in and seated. We scurried past the coffee/breakfast table in a mad panic to grab the closest seats possible. Third row. Not bad. Okay, time for breakfast. Two mini scones, and a warm coffee later, let's get this show started. If you went, was it just me or did the show run wicked long {2 hours}, AND didn't it get a little awkward when Jules kept calling out the cosmetic brand reps on the "amount of xxx they had left". Case in point: the Lancome chick {"Drama Queen" with the tiara?} How uncomfortable was that? The highligh of the show for me was my big win. They pulled my name for the Phyto basket. I never win anything, ever, so that was a momentous moment, haha. After the 12 two hour trend show, it was time to get our make-up done at Bobbi Brown. Dan and Ang's make-up looked phenom. I liked my make-up too, but didn't end up buying anything because I have a lot of the products she used. PS-I'm still obsessed with the gel eye liners and the no smudge mascara. Nothing new there.

After we got our make-up done, we hit the food court hard. We were starving. Following lunch we headed over to David Yurman. Shout out to Eddie for helping us out. Speaking of DY. Here's a pic of the necklace Stu got me for our anniversary. I realize you're seeing it backwards. Sorry.

Photo 60

Anyway, the whole weekend was awesome. Fri night Stu and I had a delish din at Macoroni Grill. They re-vamped their menu and it's a million times better. Finally, fish on the menu! Score. After din, we went to Sonic for a route 44 diet cherry limeade. So good! We needed to be well hydrated for our hilarious jaunt into Walmart. Yes, that is how we spent our Friday night; at Ross and Walmart. Loved every second, because we were together. Truth be told, the whole reason why I even wanted to go to Walmart was to get Jillian Michaels' new protein shakes. Two footballs, a Britney cd, dingo bones and a 4 pack of shakes later, we were outty 5,000.

Saturday, was the trend show. Ang, did a way better review of it than I did, so check out her post HERE.

Saturday afternoon, I cleaned the house, planted 4 mums, tried to take a nap {never happened} and THEN...drum roll please....it was time for dinner at Oishi! More time spent with Ang and Dan, but this time all the husbands came along, as well as our friends' Eddie and Michelle. Holy YUMMMM! I had two glasses of Rielsing, and I was good to go. HAHA. After din, we went to Shadybrook Farm and had the best time on their haunted hayride. Post hayride Stu and I shared a cuppa hot chocolate. The only thing missing was a gob of marshmallow fluff on the top.

Sunday morning, we were up bright in early for the Mr. O'Connor 5K. The goal {like every week} was to set a new pr. I missed it by 1 second, litereally.  My best pr for running a 5K is 22:19. I hit 22:20 this time. Doh! The good news?? I was #1 in my age group! Gimme my metal. I've become slightly infatuated with winning and collecting metals lately, haha. Guess I really am turning into a " true runner." My next two halves are quickly approaching, yikes!! November 14th, my sis and I are running in the Fatman cup Chilli half {in Boston} and November 21st is the Philly half.

This weekend we're off to Miami for a wedding. Congrats to Eddie and Michelle.

And now my hand is about to fall off from typing my face off. Sorry this post is 13 miles long.

Have a marvelous Monday :0)

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a pwp lunch?


I want to organize a pwp blogger lunch. I feel like I know so many of you, and it would be awesome to finally meet the faces behind all of my blog readers.

It would be somewhere in or around Philly. Since I'm in NYC M-F, we'd have to shoot for a Saturday or Sunday. I'd like to have it on either Saturday, NOVEMBER 20th or Sunday, November 27th.


Comment below if you'd be into meeting new friends in our area.

Let's plan for Saturday, Nov 20th. Location TBA

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a day in the life of....me!

Thoughts? Be honest guys!

I am so sorry the audio is effed up and not matching up with my words. Wth? I'm a newbie at this mac book pro business. I don't have the balls to edit on iMovie just yet. I'll get there soon enough. I rarely ever film on my mac {do all mac's do this?}. If you watch my other vids, most of them are shot on my flip {my holy grail.} I apologize for looking like a such a tool bag.

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sephora haul

Happy weekend! A full re-cap of Nick's birthday party is coming!! In the meantime, check out my latest sephora vlog. I hope you likey ;0)

Enjoy this beautiful Saturday-

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facebook fan page


I've finally started a facebook fan page. Wait, I take that back, I've actually had this page for the past 2 years, but haven't actually "used it" per se. I promise to keep it up to date with what's going on, latest news, station events, pwp events, etc. Steppin' up my game starting NOW!!

If you enjoy listening to me on 923NOW and reading my blog, please "like" my new FB Fan page. Pretty please?? LOL.

Click HERE to check it out.


Have a great day loves!

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fall fashion trends

Jess, my fellow listener, runner, and blogger bud put together THIS stellar list of FALL FASHIONS! Good work Jess!

As far as fall fashion goes for me; I'll be in- My uggs, leggings {& jeggings}, hoodies and flannels. I like to call this particular look "hobo chic."

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hls un-cut

I totally forgot about this vid my donkey kong sister and I recorded when we were in Chicago at the Healthy Living Summit. Shame on me!

short and sweet ladies ;0)

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