good combo

A rainy Sunday means starbs and yoga. Ahhhhhhh.

good combo

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fabulous franklin lakes (the recap)

I'm moving to Franklin Lakes with or without Stu.


Danielle came over around 10am. We left around 10:15. It took us {from Bucks county} about an hour and half to get up to Franklin Lakes. My gps decided to send us along some long ass scenic route, so that extended our road trip by a few. No biggie though. We were enjoying the ride. As soon as we got off the Franklin Lakes exit, we drove right into the most gorgeous of neighborhoods. Wow. Can you say McMansions??

Ten mns later we arrived at Chateau for our pedicures. Chateau is conveniently located next door to Starbs. Perfect! We obviously had to take advantage.. 2 skinny vanilla iced lattes later..slurp, slurp, slurp.

Time for pedi's with Julie!

IMG_1820  Who am I to turn down a glass (or 2) of wine. Cheers to road trips!

"Pink Parka" by Essie was the first color I saw. The shade was gorg {and bright}. I wanted electric pink piggies!

And that's what I got. Imagine this color times 100! My toes are glowing. No joke!


Life is good!

How cute is Danielle? Love her {and Julie}..hehe.

IMG_1825 Chateau's owner, Victor, was so great to us! Between the relaxing atmosphere of his salon, to the wine, to the FREE mani's he gave us { for when we come back}, our experience at CHATEAU was fantastic. No wonder why the housewives go here.

IMG_1826  This is our ticket back to Chateau. Thanks so much Victor!

IMG_1836  Next on the agenda, lunch! We went to Positano {where Danielle and her girls eat}.


Joseph and Steve (father and son) were so nice to us! We got the RHONJ scoop! Apparently the Manzo's order from Positano a lot. After our delicious lunch (both got Larraine's chopped salad), I can see why Positano is so popular among the housewives. Can you guys open up a location here in Bucks county? Please? Thanks so much for taking care of lunch. That was not necessary but very much appreciated.

After lunch we went to the one and only "Posche". We weren't that impressed. My closet is bigger than this store. Kim D was there, but she was busy yapping talking to her employees to notice us. We were more into shopping at "Bath & Body Works" next door to tell you the truth.

I should mention that Bath & Body Works has their new Halloween scented line of hand sanitizers out. I stocked up on every scent. Guess what flavor is my favorite??

After our visits to Posche, B&BW, Macy's and Trader Joe's, we were craving ice cream!! Time to hit up Applegate Farms. This place did not disappoint. YUM! I got a cup of graham cracker and Danielle got peanut butter. It was the perfect way to end our magnificent trip up to Franklin Lakes!


Look familiar? This is the diner where Danielle and Kim G ate {while discussing the epic hair pulling cat fight at the country club}. 

We ran into my new friend Deana, (aka Queen Buzz) inside this pet store (all the above stores are in this strip mall complex.


And that was our day. Although we had no sightings of Caroline, Teresa, Jacqueline or (gasp) Danielle, it was still a super fun trip. We had a blasty!!!


Chateau * 814 High Mountain Rd * Franklin Lakes, NJ * 201-891-0077

Positano Restaurant * 245 Berdan Ave * Wayne, NJ * 973-628-6863

Posche Boutique * 1220 Hamburg Turnpike* Wayne, NJ * 973 406- 7675

Applegate Farms * 810 High Mountain Rd* Franklin Lakes, NJ* 201-891-6440

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eggnog latte anyone?

Nice to see you again Starbs.

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starbs rut


Starbucks called. They miss me.

I've hit a big ass brick wall with their drinks. Until Starbs can come out with some new sugar-free flavored syrups, I don't foresee myself resuming regular visits anytime soon. I can't take it anymore. I'm OVER the lattes and misto's.

Anyone else feel this way? Can they stop pumping out "strawberry soy frapps" and hook us up with a few new flavors other than caramel and vanilla?

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go starbs

Um hello? This is big news. 



Have you made your own Frapp yet??

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happy hour

TGIF! Tonight is date night and we're going to our favorite sushi place (Oishi) for din din. Stu's getting a haircut at 7, so I had to push our reservations back to 8. I hate eating dinner this late, however, it IS Friday, and I don't have to be in bed at 9pm..haha. I'm so excited to get my super yummy sashimi rolls.


My roots super dark. Thankfully I was able to snag an appointment for tomorrow morning. I'm planning on taking an 8am spinning class. I love exercising first thing in the morning. Gotta get that business out of the way so I can carry on with the rest of my weekend ya know?? Sunday morning I'm meeting LIV at Starbs for a pre-run coffee and then we're heading over to Tyler State Park to run run run! YAY!!

At one point this weekend I really do want to get over to the Fitness Fair. Most likely it'll be Sunday.

What are YOU doing this weekend? I can't believe April is half way over. Dang time flies!

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starbs news

Starbs debuts their new dark cherry chocolate drink today. Have you tried it? After work I'm making a beeline into Starbs and order up a short ff version. While I'm excited about this new flavor, I'm once again disappointed that Starbucks has yet to come out with more sugar-free flavors. Seriously, what gives????? And while I'm bitching, lemme add that I HATE the new Starbucks website. It's a bitch to navigate. Too much is going on. What ever happened to less is more?????


PS- Word on the street is that Starbs is unveiling the "trenta". Apparently the 20 oz Venti isn't big enough. The Trenta will be 31 oz!!!! If I drank that, I'd be in the bathroom every 5 minutes. Holy huge!!

Check out starbucksgossip for more juicy dirt!

What's your favorite Starbs drink??

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morning mess

How happy am I that today is FRIDAY????

We had quite the morning. I'm still not awake from all the madness. I didn't even get to say good morning to Mr. Miles. :0(

Typical. The one time Stu doesn't set his alarm, mine never went off, and we wake up at 7am!!!!! He was supposed to take the 630 train in, and being that we're down one car, I was supposed to drop him off. OMG. We woke up so fast and got dressed and ready in 7.7 seconds. Seriously. There is nothing worse then waking up late and rushing. Oy! We made the 7:35 train, thank God. The upside of getting into the city early is that I can take my time and make a Starbs run. Speaking of which, I can feel myself hitting that wall. I'm sort of over the soy misto/skinny latte drinks I usually order. My life would be a lot better if Starbucks would PLEASE come out with new sugar free flavored syrups. What the heck is the hold up??? I've been asking this question for 3 years now?????? What's a girl gotta do to get some sugar free raspberry syrup up in here????

Anyway, I'm so happy the weekend is here, and I'm sure you know why.


What's everyone doing this weekend??????

Look for me zippin' around town in my new ride :0)

Praise the LORD for this forecast.


My first NAC running group meet up is tomorrow at 8am. I can't wait!!! We begin training for the Broad St run. Waaaa Hooooo. ***Liv, wish you could be a part of this w/me.

Since I didn't run yesterday, and I had no time to run this morning, I have to run later. No excuses. Thankfully I have last night's "Real Housewives of NYC" saved on my dvr, so that's enough to get my ass on the t-mill. I can't wait to watch that hot mess of a show. Love. Drama.

Thanks for checking in! Have a great Friday ;0)

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I'm making the switch to Truvia. I'm going to try an avoid dumping 12 packets of splenda into my drinks from now on.

It's President's day and this part of town is dead. Stores are closed. I'm the only one at Starbs. Cheers.


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Nick offered me this delicious mini donut from Starbucks but I passed.

-2's screaming, "eat me Lisa"


Instead I had a soy misto w/ extra foam. Love.


Always nice to start the week of with a lil Starbs.

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