yes! not stuck

By the grace of God, I'm on the train! Penn was mad crazy if you can imagine. My train was 10 mns late.. I'll take it. Home to the puggies!

Before I boarded, I had some time to make a fast and furious stop into Starbucks. I got a tall skim 1 pump peppermint 1 pump mocha latte.

Spin tonight! Can't wait to sweat out all the cookies I ate last night :0)

yes! not stuck

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let's go shopping

Happy Saturday!

I got up early, had breakfast and then met Danielle for an 9am spin class. After class, we met up with Angela at Starbs. Ang and I have been dying to try a peppermint mocha. For the past 3 weeks, this stupid drink has been the bain of our existence. Today was the day we tasted it, and omg, it was definitely worth the calories. Wowzas. Christmas-ey goodness in my mouth. I'll be going back for another tonight this week.

Rewind to yesterday.

Before we started decorating, I had to make an impromptu trip over to Target. Stu says to me "Black Friday at Target?". My response? "We can do it babe, we'll power through." To be honest with you, Targs wasn't all that bad. Guess our expectations were too high. The toy and electronic areas were the most packed, everywhere else in the store was pretty calm. I made a bee line over to the Christmas section, but my attention was quickly diverted when we approached the candy and snack area.

Oh yes, peppermint oreos. 140 calories for 2. I'll pass.


tons of candy. yummmm.

My favorite. Candy cane tootsie pops. I always have extras in my purse. Ya know, just in case.

We're making progress.

I always make sure I  have "emergency gifts. These cookie mixes are perfect. In the cart they go.

Why not make it 11 creamers? Don't judge.

And we're done. Mission accomplished.

Last night our town held it's official Christmas tree lighting. There were Christmas carolers, hot chocolate and of course Santa. He arrived on top of a fire truck. Kids everywhere were going nuts. It was adorable. I swear, this was a scene strait out of a Lifetime. Phoebe and Miles were a huge hit with all the kiddos. Kinda made me want one or two little one's of my own. After the festivities died down, we went to dinner and then to the movies. We saw "Unstoppable." Not exactly the greatest movie to see if you commute in on a train every day, haha. It was really good. We like it a lot.

We're relaxing now, and then it's off to KOP for some Christmas shopping. Speaking of the KOP mall, did you know they have an iphone app?? YES!! Just download it, it's free {& fabulous.}

Hope you're having a great weekend.

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are you a bitch?

Here's yet another list for your reading pleasure. This time it's from


Photo 124
My scary bitchy face

Photo 123
Don't piss me off or I might be extra nice to you {cause that whole "kill them w/kindness" thing always works.}

I love tip #2: "Take a coffee break with friends or coworkers rather than going solo. A study found that getting a caffeine fix in a group lowered stress levels. But sipping coffee alone left people feeling more stressed."

Peppermint mocha anyone?


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what a diz-ay!

After calling a million salons this morninig, I finally found one that charges $30 for a blow out {not $65.} Amen. I have an appointment at 4pm. Around 5:30. I'm heading over to TOUCH for my Pampered With Paige event! I'm super excited for this one. Lot's of cool shops, salons and spa's are involved. Woo Hoo. I'll have pic's and a re-cap for you tomorrow.

In the morning, Ang, Dan and I are taking a spin class, and then getting peppermint mocha's at Starbs after. I've been holding out on getting this drink for a week or two now. Normally I would never waste precious calories on a beverage, however, seeing that I'm running a half marathon on Sunday and it'll be post-spin, I'm diving in 100% and feeling no guilt about it.

My friend Lori is going to the Philly convension center later to pick up our bib's and race packets. Thanks Lor :0)

I'm looking forward to doing NOTHING tomorrow. All we have planned is a trip to Ikea and DINNER. Sunday after the race, I'm coming strait home, taking a bath and then a fat nap.

okay, gotta jet. If you're coming tonight, see ya soon :0)

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mock peppermint mocha

Trick yourself into thinking you're drinking a tall 310 calorie peppermint mocha from Starbucks by ordering the following:

tall skim misto

add 1 pump peppermint syrup, 1 pump mocha syrup. NO WHIP!

Calories saved?? 210!!!!! My "mock mocha" is only 100 calories (according to my starbs iphone app.)

I did a little maneuvering yesterday and found a loop hole to this fattening holiday indulgence. I swear, it tasted just like the real thing. Whoooofc the original!

You're welcome :0)

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Christmas is everywhere!!!

Thank you Macy's for decorating early and putting me in a spectacular mood!! I had a great afternoon with myself. With Mariah blasting on my iPod, I happily galavanted throughout Macy's sipping on a latte and just feeling happy. I got a new gloss at Dior bc I felt like it. Whooofc. I'm digging the sheer pink color. Ironically, it's called "pink flirt." Shout out to Dior for making their gloss tubes bigger and not raising the price. Dior and Chanel are my top favorites when it comes to glosses. They don't smell and aren't sticky. Well that was a random rant.. I'll zip it now.

Have a great night!

Christmas is everywhere!!!

Christmas is everywhere!!!

Christmas is everywhere!!!

Christmas is everywhere!!!

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red cup alert!

Marina {long time listener and reader} put us all on STARBUCKS alert this morning via Facebook! Good field work Mar. She said Christmas stuff goes up in all Starbucks store within the next couple of weeks. Woo Hoo!

Bring on the Gingerbread lattés, peppermint mochas and eggnog lattés :0)


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color update and bib pick up

Hi ladies!!

It's so early. I'm about to walk out the door to pick up my friend Liv. We're meeting our other friend Vee at Starbucks and then heading down to the Philly convention center to get our bibs for tomorrow's half! I'm so nervous. Why?? Why am I nervous? It's not like this is my first half?? Ugh. I have to poop.....ahhhhh!!


THANK YOU so much for all of your input about the colors! After hours of agonizing and waiting til literally 5:45, I made my decision. Okay, okay, truth be told, the nice lady at Benjamin Moore had a big part in what I chose. I'll post pic's of the big reveal as soon as the room is done. Oh, and I should probably mention that I ended up NOT even going with the two colors I had been considering!!!!!!!

Check back tomorrow and you'll see.

Okay, I need a serious Starbs reload and then it's off to get our packets!

have a great Saturday.

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A familiar sign

Chilling at Penn station waiting for my train. There's no better time killer than a Starbs visit and people watching sesh. I just had a homeless guy me ask if I had any spare change. Thankfully a Starbs employee came to my rescue and kicked him out before I could answer.

A familiar sign

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pumpkin spice lattes!!!!!!!!

OMG!!! From my twitter buddy @taylormacmanus :

Pumpkin spice lattes will be available at Starbucks starting tomorrow TODAY!!!!. It won't be on menu, you have to ask for it.


I'm getting one tomorrow morning! Who's in??

Speaking of pumpkin, guess what candle I fired up last night????

Yup, my all time favorite Yankee Candle in "Spiced Pumpkin." It smelled so good, I didn't want to blow it out {before bed.} I'm hooked on this scent. Hoooooooooooked!!!


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