madison represent!

My friend Deana works at Coach and gets a staggering 50% off {gotta love those employee discounts.}

Deana- I'm calling you about this bag, haha.

This is the large Madison shoulder bag.

It's so meant to be, me and this bag. My hometown is Madison, CT.

Ironice, no?


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wait, the bag!!

Crap, before I go, I have to post the Cole Haan bag I talked Stu into letting me get ordered. Now I have something to look forward to when I get back from Bermuda.


How this bag came about:

I was on the subway when I looked over at the girl sitting next me. She was rocking this fierce bag. In Love {swoon.} Luckily I was able to make out the designer {Cole Haan} and immediately googled it as soon as I got to work. To my shocking surprise, it was actually in stock AND it was on SALE!!! Double score!! I've never owned a Cole Haan bag before {and don't really care for black bags in general} however, I must say, Cole Haan is sharp looking brand. This bag is bigger than it looks. I'm so thankful for the random girl on the 1 train. Shout out to you whoever you are :0)

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about the bag

How do we feel about fringy bags?


I ordered THIS super cute Hot in Hollywood one off of hsn.com

Just to clarify- Yes I am still under a seriously strict purse contract. While I don't have the exact copy right in front of me, I'm pretty sure that there is no mention/rule against me buying a "non designer" purse that is on sale. Don't quote me though..hehe.

Fingers crossed this diaper bag isn't bigger than my body. I can totally see it being ginormous. If that's the case, I'm sending it back.

If you're into the bohemian bag look, check out this soul-flower.com. All of the bags remind me of my sissy.

Do you have a fringy bag?? Where did you get it?? Why do you love it?

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bed & brussels sprouts

Is it Friday yet?

I don't know what it is, but I have been so tired lately. I need to jump start my whole workout routine. I've definitely hit a plateau and I'm not loving it. I've been so tired. I couldn't get out of bed today (or yesterday or Mon for that matter). What the hell? And no I'm def not pregnant (I know you were thinking it).

Anyway, nothing new on my end. Oh, wait....YES, some news. My LV bag came yesterday. I haven't opened it yet. I will today. I'm not going to use it until my bday (May 20th) though.  This way I have something to look forward to. The anticipation and build up of it all excites me, so I don't mind waiting.

Do you buy something and then purposely wait to use it?? I do this all the time. Stu thinks it's cute.

Can you believe we ate at Seasons 52 again last night?? That was the third time I've eaten there in the past 4 days!! I am a die hard fan as you can read tell. We met up with our friends Ashley and Doug. They drove down from Madison, CT because Ash has a big job interview today in Wayne. She'll nail the interview I know it. It was their first time eating at Seasons 52, and like I expected, they LOVED it. Ash and I got the sea scallops, Doug got the pork tenderloin (I think). Stu stuck with his favorite: flatbread and soup. Everything was freaking awesome. For dessert, I had the mango cheesecake, Stu got the fruit cup, and Ash and Doug split the chocolate mousse and peanut butter cup dessert shots. Mmmmm. Maybe all this eating out has something to do with why I can't shake these last few lbs AND the reason why I feel so damn tired. Could it be???? I bet.


My blogging buddy Liv is the queen of making simple and delicious tasting LITE meals. I emailed her earlier asking for roasting tips. I've got lots of veggies to eat up tonight. This is what LIV said wrote:

ROASTING 101 with LIV.

Usually when I roast I either keep it really simple or go all out with the spices. Or, if the weather is nice at home you could totally grill the peppers, onions, & asparagus. To grill I usually slice the onion into about 1-inch thick rounds, cut the pepper in half (length-wise), and leave the asparagus whole. Marinate for about 15 mins in a little EVOO, s&p, and maybe a drizzle of balsamic. I really have no idea how long to grill for, just until everything is soft! The onions get really sweet. So good.

Or, back to what you originally asked me - roasting! I'd usually cut the brussels in half, quarter the onion (and separate the pieces so it all cooks in the same amount of time), slice the peppers, and either cut asparagus in half or leave whole. Marinate with a little EVOO and s&p. You can also add balsamic, red pepper flakes, fresh thyme... anything really! Roast at maybe 400 degrees for 20 minutes or so (flip around a few times so nothing burns).  And I usually just roast it all on one baking sheet.




What's your favorite way to eat veggies?? Grilled, baked, broiled, roasted? Any recipes that need to be shared??

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a lot of bag

Sooooo, my bday is coming up....just sayin'.

Two WORDS (okay 4) LV Artsy MM


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target run

I have to make a much needed Target run tonight. We bought a GPS for my mini last weekend, and it worked all the way up to CT, but decided to not work coming home. An immediate exchange needs to be made asap. We cannot be having of this bs going on.

Reason #257 of why I love Target: COUPONS

The ones I'll actually use


Things to be happy about:

  2. Walks in the sunshine with your pugs dogs
  4. running outside (finally)
  5. Target coupons
  6. a re-negotiated purse contract :)
  7. MINI

That's my list for today. Who knows what tomorrow will bring.

Back to my day. Hope you're having a great one too!

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drama & then din

After work I went to Lord & Taylor. This is my new favorite store. They are always having HUGE sales. HUGE! I had a 20% coupon off all sale and clearance stuff, so you know me, I was determined to find something so I could take advantage of my coupon. Low and behold I found this Elliot Lucca purse. Surprise surprise. I'm sure Stu will be thrilled about this development, seeing that he just got me a bag for Christmas. I'm sure it won't be an issue considering he spent over $100 on soda this weekend. That's another story, but just know that we now have 344 cans of diet soda in our basement. 3.4.4!!!!!!!!!


IMG_0560 Cute right? So big. Gotta love a roomy hobo.

Oh and lemme tell you about the drama that went down at L&T! I witnessed a women get caught shoplifting!!!! YES! While I was browsing through all the bags, I saw the two security guards walk this older woman back into the store. They said "mam, where are the earrings"? She of course denied that she took anything. Good lady, lie to the security guy's face. He said they have you on tape dropping the earrings into your bag!! Long story short, they kept pounding her with questions and she kept acting like she had no idea what they were talking about. Like, so aloof. What a retard. The cops came and she was hauled off to jail. Stupid woman. None the less, it was exciting to watch. Kept me entertained.

After the mall I came home and cooked up a lite dinner. I sauteed up a ton of mixed veggies. I swear there is nothing better then wilted spinach. So good. I topped everything off with roasted red pepper and goat cheese sauce. I discovered it at Whole Foods a few weeks ago. WOW. It's magnificent. I've been dumping it on everything. Literally everything. AH-MAZING.


I bought 3 jars of this sauce at Whole Foods.


Watching a Charlie Brown Christmas. Yes, I am in post holiday denial and all of the decorations are still up. I'm not taking them down until the weekend.

Don't judge.

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look what santa brought!

YAY Marina!! Welcome to the LV club. This is one fabulous bag Mar! My friend Becky and I are elated for you. Her and I are constantly going back and forth about what LV we want next. Beck actually suggested we swap sometimes, which isn't a bad idea. I think between the two of us, we have most of the collection covered. HAHA. Good for you. You deserve that beautiful bag. Now all you need is a purse hook because the last thing you want is to get the lady dirty. LOL.

Happy Holidays girl!!! I had to share with you what Santa.. aka Joe bought me this year.. Its absolutely delish...

Its rather big.. but that means I can stuff more into it! The inside is red suede.. omg.. its fantastic!

Hope your loving the Coach bag.. I have that one in tan and used it forever.

Hope 2010 is a great year for you and the blog..

Take care!


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it works!

Yay!! My new purse works like a charm. That's $10 well spent.

We're back in business.


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purse hook. does it work?

Watch and see.

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