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baby it's cold outside

I woke up early this morning with plans to take the dogs for a walk. Umm, yeah, not happening. It's flipping cold out and I'm a wuss.

Last night I met up with Nicole at Seasons 52 for din. We pretty much shut the place down, haha. We got there at 8 and didn't leave until 11!! That's a lot of gossip catching up and now I have no voice. For real.

Today consists of doing a whole lot of nothing. Spin class won't be the same this a.m. because my partners in crime aren't coming :0( Ang is in Cape Cod and Danielle has plans. Guess no Starbs after? Double boo!!


We're getting closer. Tomorrow I'm picking out a new header and then I think we'll be good to go. I HATE the layout/color/pictures on the blog and can't wait to ditch it. You will love the new format {I hope.}

Totally off the subject, but have you heard of Abdominal cuts? Kendra Wilkenson takes them.

I'm curious.

Have a great Sat. Stay warm!

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cyber monday!

Happy Cyber Monday friends!

It was super hard to get up this morning and ya know why?? FLANNEL SHEETS! These will kill you! They are so warm and snugly, it's impossible to roll out of bed. Throw a couple of pugs in the mix and you're doomed to over-sleep.

If you're on Weight Watchers, did you see their new revamped plan?

"Essentially we are retiring the Points plan — you can't mix the new system with the old one." The patent-pending formula to calculate the new PointsPlus values is based on the amount of protein, fiber, carbohydrates and fat in foods, Miller-Kovach says. The formula takes into account that protein and fiber are important for fullness and warding off hunger. It also factors in how hard the body has to work to process food into energy, she says. The body has to work harder to use protein and fiber than fat and carbohydrates."

So there ya go. Not for me, but this is awesome news if you're a ww member.

Have a great cyber Monday. Feel free to leave a comment bragging about the amazing deals you got today.

The big Christmas tree lighting ceremony {aka Christmas in Rockefeller Center} happens tomorrow night at 7pm. I can't believe Christmas is HERE.


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sunday riff-raff

Sunday already? This sucks.

I'm up early and trying to decide whether I should go for a run or hit the 9:15 spin class. Decisions decisions.

Last night we went to the mall, but it was the quickest trip ever. I hate that. Stu had to get his jeans hemmed at Nordstrom, so while he did that, I browsed. Around 7, we drove to Jim and Cynthia's house to meet their new daughter Kate. She's only 2 weeks old and weighs just 7 lbs. It was like holding a cabbage patch preemie. Trey, Kate's older brother {turning 2 next month} gave me quite a workout. We played, colored, played some more and by 8:30, I was ready to die of exhaustion. Cynth looked at me and said "welcome to parenthood.". Very funny Cynth.

Today the plan is to get a blow out {thanks to Hair Cuttery,} meet my friend Amber for mani's and lunch and then back home to get Slow Cooker Sunday underway. I want to make the stuffed peppers we made last week, only omitting rice for couscous. Speaking of recipes, I dug out this recipe organizer my mom got me for Christmas last year. It took me a while, but I finally filled it up with all the magazine tear out's I've collected over the past couple of years. It's pretty rad if you ask me.

Ladies, I asked momma Paige where she found this and she thinks it was at a Hallmark Store.


Okay, gotta get off my ass and move. Have a fab Sunday!

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thanksgiving '10

Holy carb coma. Good thing I took a spin class this morning. Hope you had a blessed day with friends and family. I did! Here are some pic's.

the calm before the carb coma induced storm.

Stu's Aunt Debbie (she made 99% of our din, and for that we are SO thankful), Stu's cousin Colleen, Aunt Peggy, cousin Ali, cousin Kirsten, step mom-in-law Sue, and me. BEFORE DIN.

MY PLATE. I tried to practice portion control, "tried" being the operative word here. The older I get, the more I love turnips.


Dessert time. BRING IT!

I told you I took the easy way out and bought a sheet cake. Thank you Whole Foods. It was flippin' delicious. I went back for seconds. I know, shocking.

IMG_2685 Best $6.99 I've spent in a long time. Kirsten always makes the best cranberry orange and pumpkin bread. I sampled a small slice of each {obviously.}

IMG_2699 Every year after dessert we take the dogs and go for a walk around the hood. This year Stu's grampa joined us. As the girls walked the dogs, the guys tossed a football, the.entire.time.

Three generations. Stu-ball, his grampa and his dad! What a good looking bunch!

hey, Uncle Bill decided to get in on my picture action.

I forgot my sneakers this year. Thankfully my boots were comfortable enough to walk the mile loop.

Notice my new blonder locks?? I love my new hair girl, Audra. There's nothig better than fresh highlights. I am definitely thankful for Audra, lol.

IMG_2702 Family pic :0)

I can't believe another Thanksgiving has come and gone. I am so thankful and blessed to have such a wonderful family and friends {and blog readers like you!}

Decorations go up tomorrow, woot woot!

Do you guys want me to post more pic's?? And of what?

I'm asking "Santa" for a new camera and when if I get it, I know I'm gonna go banana's with it, so just be ready, ha! Have a great night. xo

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happy turkey day!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

It's 5:47am as I type this. Why am I up so friggin' early you ask? SPIN class at 7:00. My friend Angela is meeting me at the NAC at 6:45. I always get up an hour prior to a class or workout, because no matter what time of the morning it is, I'm always hungry. Pre-spin fuel was one of Stu's sugar-free muffins and a coffee. Today's creamer was Marshmallow Mocha in case you were wondering :0)

IMG_2662 I had the chocolate one. I love these muffins because they're sugar free and only 150 calories [per muffin!} Giant and Super Fresh sell Butterfly Bakery goods. You have to try them.


Phoebs is waiting for me to drop a crumb. Nice try monster dog.


After work yesterday I took the 4pm Amtrak back. I learned my lesson from last year not to ever take NJ Transit back the night before a big holiday. Penn station was a mess. Crappy, smelly, miserable people were everywhere. Could you imagine traveling with them? Hell no! Amtrak is the way to go. I went direcrly from the train station {in Trenton} to my hair appointment. My friend Danielle's sister-in-law has the most beautiful blonde, and when I saw her last month, her hair was the first thing I noticed. I had to go wherever Katie went. And I did. THANK YOU AUDRA! I LOVE my hair. You guys know how picky and particular I am with my color, and Audra nailed it. I've found a new salon, and for that I am thakful, haha.

After my appointment, I mocked 8 back home, changed, and we were back in the car and  on our way to see Michael Buble. This was our 5th concert. He is, Michael Buble is the perfect man. Even Stu agrees. HAHA. It was a fantastic date night :0). Our seats weren't too bad either.

minus that dude's bald head.


And that my friends was how I spent my Thanksgiving Day eve. We're off to West Chester to spend the day with Stu's family. I bailed on the pumpkin roll and bought a sheet cake. Yeah, I took the easy way out. Whoooofc! The dogs are coming with us so they can see their cousin Emily who's a puggle.

Have a great Thanksgiving today!!

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weekend re-cap

No seriously.

I'm so happy it's a short week. I love this time of year!

How was your weekend? We did a ton. One thing I can cross off our list is a new couch {love seat.} We found one, and it wasn't the original couch I liked at Ikea. We went to Ikea on Saturday so I could stuff my face with swedish meatballs to see the couch in person. It was nice. I loved the idea of being able to switch  out the different slip covers whenever I wanted. Most of Ikea's furniture is slip-cover friendly. How versatile right??  Well, the couch itself was $579 and the slip cover sold separately for $239. Are you kidding me IKEA?? $818 for a damn love sea??  Screw that. We left with only an $8 vase. Epic fail. On the way home we stopped into Ashley furniture and there she was.....ahhhhh ahhhhh ahhhhhh.......the most perfect little love seat I'd ever seen.

As soon as Stu sat down on it, he knew this was the one. SO COMFORTABLE. This couch looks like it would be featured in a Pottery Barn show room. It was originally priced at $779, marked down to $559 on sale for $379! WHAT?? I thought it was a hoax. Nope. This couch really was marked down to $379. Obviously we got it. Ikea, you and your slip- covered over-priced couch can kiss my ass. Our new couch is being delivered this weekend. PS-Don't think for a second those hideous looking pillows are staying on that couch. Pier 1 will be getting a visit from me later.

As you know, yesterday I ran the Philly Half marathon. I'm still on cloud nine about our PR times! We also had another great SLOW COOKER SUNDAY. I made stuffed peppers and they came out phenomenal. I got the recipe off of a slow cooker app I have on my iphone. I bought 4 HUGE peppers, so we're having the last 2 tonight for dinner. Left-overs rule. These peppers were so good, that this weekend I'm making them all over again. The one thing I'm changing is the rice. Gonna replace it with couscous. Oh, and pair this dish up with some yummy whole grain bread.

Stuffed Green Bell Peppers



  1. Combine all ingredients, except 1/4 cup cheese and green peppers.
  2. Stuff peppers with this mixture. Arrange peppers in stoneware.
  3. Cover and cook on LOW 6-8 hours (HIGH: 3-4 hours).
  4. Sprinkle with remaining cheese during last 30 minutes of cooking.


BLOG UPDATE: all of the content has been converted to the new server, yay! Working on the updated header and a few more details. Shooting for a Christmas launch. Oh, and NO MORE PURPLE! EVER.

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new pr baby!

The 2010 Philadelphia Half Marathon is over!! My personal pace {ing?} partner, Lori and I managed to knock off 4 minutes from our previous race and set new pr's today!!!!


We couldn't have been happier with the outcome. Hoooray for us.

13.1 in 1:49 at a pace of 8:10. We were definitely psyched!! The route was fantastic. A few hills but nothing we couldn't handle. The race started at 7am and boy was it chilly out. Brrr.. Around mile 6, I whipped off my long sleeved shirt. This little lady was no longer cold, girfriend was HOT! Lor wore her shirt the entire run, cause she's cool like that. As soon as we crossed the finish line, all I could think about was my metal. Give me my metal!

This race was bittersweet as it was our 3rd half marathon we've run together and the last half for the year, wahhhhh. I'm so proud of myself for completing 4 half marathons in the last 7 months. If you had asked me last year if I would {or wanted to} run a half, I would of laughed in yo face! Lor and I already have 2 halves lined up to run next year. She'll be running the RNR Virginia half in April, and I'm running the RNR Dallas half in March. There's also a half scheduled sometime in April at Tyler State park. We plan to run that too. In December I'm running a couple of 5K's and joined the Bucks County Runner's winter series for their weekly 5, 8 and ten milers at Tyler State Park. I'm a chick who needs to run with other people if it's long distance.

Oh, Lori likes her metal too

Back home and ready to relax! Have a great Sunday guys!

We love metals!

Crap, I almost forgot to tell you. My first toenail fell off in bath tub today!! Now, normally I would be totally grossed out by this, but honestly, after setting a new PR, I think losing a toe nail is kind of bad- ass. Does this mean I'm a true real runner now? HAHA.

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pwp is over. wahhhhhh!!

Heyyyyy...better late than never.

Deana, aka "Queen Buzz" is totes the sh*t, and took a million pic's last night at pwp. Thanks to her, I now want a Canon. I've already made Stu aware of this development :0)

I want a Canon Rebel Ti1

You can obviously see the difference between her camera and mine. Mine took the shot below. Notice me ooo'ing and ahhhh'ing over hers?? Santa? Please bring me a grown-up camera for Christmas. Please?




Lynette walked out of pwp with not 2 bottles of Palmer's Coco Butter, not 4 bottles of Palmer's Coco Butter. Lynette is a Palmer's hoarder and walked out of my event with three boxes of Palmer's Coco Butter. That's my girl Lynnette! Take it all.

Sophia has been a long time listener and blog reader of mine since the Q102 days. She's been to all of my pwp events. #1 FAN!!! Thanks Soph! You're the best-est155218_145842428796267_107702279276949_210386_3366480_n Wil is my train bud, co-worker and DJ! He made sure Britney the hits played all night long. Thanks Wil!

PWP was fantastic. I had an absolute blast meeting everyone. I can't wait until March when we do it all over again!! My awesome station 923NOW will have all the pic's and vid posted Monday so check back. Thanks to everyone who came out. I hope you had as much fun as I did.

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boston pic's

Boston fun!

First off, I can't do anything until I post pic's of the cutest little beige hippo I've ever seen, Miss Elle.

As you can see, she was thrilled to see me too

"stop taking picture's Auntie Lisa."

IMG_2519 You can't tell me Elle doesn't resemble a beige hippo

Lindsay and her baby hippo

Harvard square. Notice my flannel?? Yup, Target.

Night before 1/2 marathon means CARB LOADING!! This was eggplant parm, but I only ate about 1/4th. It was too much food {and not even that great.}

our cousin Racheal, Linds and me. IMG_2552
my dad's cousin Louis and her husband David. Louis is a social networking machine. She goes to 2-3 "tweet-ups" a week. LoLo is a nut on four square too.

It was a fun filled weekend of eating nothing but crap. I miss Boston already :0(

Anyway...time for bed! Talk to you tomorrow!

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running boston yo!

Wowzers!! What a weekend! As you know, Stu-bee {Stu's new name courtesy of Lenny,} and I went up to Boston to visit my sis, Lenny and Elle.

We got back to NY around 10 last night and crashed at Chris'. It was easier than going all the way home, only to come back 7 hours later ya know? Perks of sleeping in the city? Sleeping in til 8:30, woo hoo!

Anyway, the weekend was super fun. Linds and I did a lot of stuff on our own, while the boys bar hopped, chilled and laid around watching football.Yesterday we ran in the 2nd Annual Fattman Chilli Half. The race started at 7:30, but were were late to the start because we were waiting in line to use the bathrooms. There was no way I was going in the woods. Hell no. Anyway, Lindsay set a new PR time and shaved 6 mns off her previous time. I'm so happy for her. I managed to set a new pr, but only by 40 seconds. Whatev, I'll take it. I can always try again this weekend in the Philly half right???

13.1- 1:53:10 avg pace- 8:33. Stu's working on my full stat re-cap as we speak. I'll post later.

After our run, Linds and I came home to find the guys still in their pj's watching football and eating cheese and crackers, shower. Then we went to lunch at this cute Mediterranean place called "Garlic 'N Lemons," and had veggie roll ups with couscous. Delish! After our meal, we headed over to Harvard Square where all the smart people hang, went to Urban Outfitters, GAP, a cute little cafe, and the candy shop. Fun.

The whole weekend was a blasty. I wish we lived closer to each other. I took a ton of pic's and will post them tonight.

Of course I can't go to another city and NOT stop at Target. We got stupid, but more on that later.


Img_2530Doesn't Lindsay make a fantastic tree? Notice the mother wreath she's wearing?? It can be yours for only $34.99. Better get to Target asap.

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