happy turkey day!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

It's 5:47am as I type this. Why am I up so friggin' early you ask? SPIN class at 7:00. My friend Angela is meeting me at the NAC at 6:45. I always get up an hour prior to a class or workout, because no matter what time of the morning it is, I'm always hungry. Pre-spin fuel was one of Stu's sugar-free muffins and a coffee. Today's creamer was Marshmallow Mocha in case you were wondering :0)

IMG_2662 I had the chocolate one. I love these muffins because they're sugar free and only 150 calories [per muffin!} Giant and Super Fresh sell Butterfly Bakery goods. You have to try them.


Phoebs is waiting for me to drop a crumb. Nice try monster dog.


After work yesterday I took the 4pm Amtrak back. I learned my lesson from last year not to ever take NJ Transit back the night before a big holiday. Penn station was a mess. Crappy, smelly, miserable people were everywhere. Could you imagine traveling with them? Hell no! Amtrak is the way to go. I went direcrly from the train station {in Trenton} to my hair appointment. My friend Danielle's sister-in-law has the most beautiful blonde, and when I saw her last month, her hair was the first thing I noticed. I had to go wherever Katie went. And I did. THANK YOU AUDRA! I LOVE my hair. You guys know how picky and particular I am with my color, and Audra nailed it. I've found a new salon, and for that I am thakful, haha.

After my appointment, I mocked 8 back home, changed, and we were back in the car and  on our way to see Michael Buble. This was our 5th concert. He is, Michael Buble is the perfect man. Even Stu agrees. HAHA. It was a fantastic date night :0). Our seats weren't too bad either.

minus that dude's bald head.


And that my friends was how I spent my Thanksgiving Day eve. We're off to West Chester to spend the day with Stu's family. I bailed on the pumpkin roll and bought a sheet cake. Yeah, I took the easy way out. Whoooofc! The dogs are coming with us so they can see their cousin Emily who's a puggle.

Have a great Thanksgiving today!!

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rihanna: "it's world wide LOUD day."

P1250961 I spent a huge chunk of the day with the one and only RIHANNA!! Her new album "LOUD" is out today, did you get a copy? I'll be running to it tomorrow morning. Can't wait. We chatted about everything; from her new fierce red hair, to what Starbucks drink she was sipping when she got to the studio. 


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what's my name?

I'm interviewing Rihanna tomorrow (Tuesday). So excited!! Anything you've been dying to know? Comment below so I can grill her, haha. Her new album "Loud" hits stores tomorrow too. Big day for RiRi!

Check out the video to "What's my Name." I'm asking Rihanna what they do to get those cutesy laughing intimate shots. Watch the video to see what I'm talking about. Her and Drake look so darn comfortable and their interaction comes off so genuine.

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about those cma's

Did you watch the CMA's last night? I couldn't get enough. They knock it out of the park every year. MTV should take some notes. Country music award shows never disappoint. Ever. A few observations:

Carrie Underwood is the MOST GORGEOUS woman on the plant, period.

Are Miranda Lambert's boobs real? If so, I want them.

Gal_cma_10 Kellie Picker looked weird. I don't know if it was her dress, lack of bronzer, what, but she's seen better days.

What's wrong with Kellie's face? Seriously, is it just me, or did she look a little "off" last night?? Standing next to my girl crush Carrie, didn't help the situation.


Maybe Kell is preggers. Hmmmm???

Gwyneth Paltrow killed it Not bad for it being her first time singing at an awards show huh? Country Strong baby!

Did you watch the CMA's? What did you think?

Click HERE for the full list of 2010 winners.

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momma's song

I can't believe I'm just now seeing this touching and heartfelt vid from Carrie U. I love that her real mom and her hot hub, Mike Fisher are in it too.

"Momma's Song" always makes me tear up. I'm a basketcase.Le sigh....


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love the way you lie part 2

HOT! Rihanna's 5th studio album dropes Nov 16th. Rumor has it, I'll be interviewing her again!



Happy Wednesday!

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"hey santa" vid

Obsessed. Mariah Carey's "Merry Christmas II You" is WONDROUS!!!

Look at her cute little belly! Awww, can this video be more jolly?


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tis' the season

My motivation for getting up at 4:45 this morning?

Mariah's new Christmas album!!

Mariah_carey_merry_christmas_II_you_cover_art Since I pre-ordered it, I knew it would already be uploaded onto my ipad, iphone and ipod. I seriously jumped outta bed because I was so excited to listen. I even muted the news while I ate breakfast and checked email. What a glorious way to start off my day!! You MUST get this album TODAY. It will put you in an AMAZINGLY GOOD mood.

"Hey Santa" is an obvious favorite, but "Charlie Brown Christmas" is pretty awesome too. The whole album is delicious!

MC's on Ellen today and will be on "Lopez Tonight" later this week. Let the promoting of the baby album begin!

While jammin' out to MAC, I proceeded to get dressed. As you can see, this sweater is wearing me. It's too dang small.


Not gonna lie, I'm sweating my ass off. Bad call on my part. Note to self: NEVER again wear an oversized wool sweater with uggs. I think I'm getting a fever, lol.

Have a great Tuesday loves!

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backstage invasions

Friday night was our "Nick or Treat" Halloween show at the Hammerstein. So much fun! Before each artist went on stage, I invaded their dressing room. Pretty funny. Nelly, The New Boyz and Kevin Rudolf all got paid a special visit from yours truly.

Hope you likey :0)

click HERE to watch


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rihanna, what happened?

Did you witness RiRi's "Only Girl in the World" performance on SNL over the weekend?

Ouch. Maybe it was just one of those days night's. I still love her.

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