seeing this!

I can't wait to see "The Switch" this weekend. Stu loves Jason Bateman, and I want Jennifer Aniston's hair.

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eat. pray. love.

At this time next weekend, I'll be in Chicago for the Healthy Living Summit! So excited!! Just so happens that Eat Pray Love comes out on Friday, so you know my sis and I will definitely be seeing it.

I love Julia Roberts. Then again, who doesn't?

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love the way you lie

Pretty powerful.

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one more rhonj vid, then i'll stop

I know, I know.... I'm going  a little overboard with the rhonj. After this vid, I'll stop posting for today..haha

I'm not a fan of theater shows, but I'd make an exception to see our girls in this!

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who needs kids?

We saw Toy Story 3 in IMAX tonight, and holy crumb cake was it good.

A MUST SEE. With or without the little rug rats.

Bed is calling. G-nite.




If you have an AMC theater around where you live, guess what???They now sell SKINNY COW ice cream sandwiches!!!!!!!!! When I saw that, I almost dropped my jelly beans. Best. News. Ever.

All movie theaters should be selling skinny cow. Forget about the fruit bars, hook me up with the good stuff.

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hello weekend

It's Friday. Amen.

What's everyone doing this weekend??

Tonight I have a date with my cute husband (@stu_gbp). We're going to Oishi for some yummy sushi. Before din goes down, I'm getting a blow out. I can't wait. 

Tomorrow is our CBS Radio Expo at Yankee Stadium so I'm planning on being in NYC most of the day. At one point this weekend, I have to see GROWN UPS. This looks hilarious, plus we love Kevin James.


I haven't forgotten to do a vlog on all the crap I bought this week. I'll shoot one this weekend, promise.

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cpk & satc 2nite

I'm finally going to see Sex in The City tonight. Cynth and I are getting a little CPK din din and then catching the 8pm show. Sounds like the perfect date night to me :0)

To bad Carrie couldn't make it happen this time around. "Sex" came in at #3 at the box office.


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meet big sexy

Big Sexy works security in our lobby here at 923 NOW. Don't mess with her or she'll beat your ass.

Every weekday at 2pm she spends her lunch break with me (on air). I LOVE when she comes up. She's my sista!!! I now know all about tracks, weaves, extensions, hahahaha. 


I'm sending her to the advanced screening of Sex in The City tonight. She'll give us a full re-cap tomorrow. This ought be interesting.


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who's excited for sex?

Sex In The City 2 I mean. Got'cha.

The countdown in on. Can May 27th get here already?? Hurry.


Click HERE to drool over the trailer.

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running and mini'ing

Morning my friends!

We ended up seeing "Dear John" last night. "Valentine's Day" was playing at an off time, and we didn't feel like waiting around. We went to the Neshiminy Mall where there theaters are huge and awesome. Seeing that it was Friday night, the mall was overrun with teenagers. It was really annoying. Can the 14 year old girls please put some clothes on?? No, seriously, like 1 out of 3 girls were un dressed like a hooker. WTF? 

Anyway, the movie was really good. I, of course I was balling my eyeballs out, and at one point, what I thought were tears, was really blood!! I had a massive 15mn, non-stop nose bleed right there in middle of the movie. Not to gross you out or anything, but my face was covered in blood. It was BAD!! I bled non-stop for a solid 15 minutes. OMG. Unfortunately, this happens-out of nowhere my nose starts to bleed, and when it does, it bleeds HARD. Ugh. We were laughing about it afterwards, because I had to walk out of the theater like a weirdo, covering my face long enough to get to the ladies room to wash off. It looked like I got in a street fight.Glad that's over ;0)

Today is the first meet up of my running club at the NAC!!

This is my day:

AS you can see, I'm a tad excited!

Have a great Sat. It's GORG out today! Spring fever is ON!!!!

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