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Christmas is everywhere!!!

Thank you Macy's for decorating early and putting me in a spectacular mood!! I had a great afternoon with myself. With Mariah blasting on my iPod, I happily galavanted throughout Macy's sipping on a latte and just feeling happy. I got a new gloss at Dior bc I felt like it. Whooofc. I'm digging the sheer pink color. Ironically, it's called "pink flirt." Shout out to Dior for making their gloss tubes bigger and not raising the price. Dior and Chanel are my top favorites when it comes to glosses. They don't smell and aren't sticky. Well that was a random rant.. I'll zip it now.

Have a great night!

Christmas is everywhere!!!

Christmas is everywhere!!!

Christmas is everywhere!!!

Christmas is everywhere!!!

Posted by Lisa Paige on November 4, 2010 in Beauty, Food and Drink, Holidays, NYC, Starbucks, Where I shop | Permalink | Comments (5) | TrackBack (0)


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I am totally in the holiday spirit already this year (usually I can hold out til at least closer to turkey day)! I love me some HALLOWEEN and the fall but for some reason, this year, I feel ready for Christmas time! Bring on Nat King Cole, Bing, and Mariah! FA LA LA!


Love the gloss...that is pretty! I hope to shop again one day. In the meantime I'm living vicariously (and loving it) through you!:-) I'm counting on you to keep me posted on the latest and greatest! And Christmas is the best....more than the best...the greatest time of year!


Love this!! (Macy's and the lip gloss! lol)


I'll have to try that Dior Gloss- Have you tried Lipsense? - I saw it on The Housewives- I love NUDE color so pretty last for hours- I did a post on it- Have a good weekend!




I'm envious. This Dior Lip gloss
shade is also my favorite. I'm really envious. I wanna have this one.

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