October 2010

wedding weekend pic's

Happy Halloween!! We had a total of 5 "trick or treaters." Pathetic. Our hood sucks!

We landed in Newark at 12:30 this afternoon. Awesome timing. We mocked 8 to Panera for lunch and then came home, unpacked, Stu watched football, I went grocery shopping and then headed out on a nice 6 mile run. Have I told you lately how much I LOVE running in this weather? It was picture perfect.

WEDDING PIC'S! Out of respect for Eddie and Michelle, I'm only posting one pic of them, as I know they want to be the one's to share their special day with friends and family. I don't want to spoil their surprise ya know??  Their wedding was beautiful. It was lovely and Michelle looked drop dead gorg!

Here are a few pic's from the day

We were in Key Largo, FL where it was 85 degrees. Rough.





For the record, this was the best KEY LIME cake I have ever had, and I don't even like key lime.




Congrats Eddie and Shell! We love you guys!!

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wknd wedding

In Fort Lauderdale today for Eddie and Michelle's wedding! Crazy weekend. It's freaking hot here, wahhh!! This humidity makes me miss the cold crisp air and beautiful foliage we have up north. How do you runners do it in this heat? I envy you! We're here for literally 24 hrs. Wedding is at 5:30 tonight. Flying back at 9am tomorrow. I told ya this was a quick trip. We'll be home just in time to hand out candy to the only four trick or treaters who ever stop by. This year I'm handing out Teddy Grahms and Oreo snack packs. I can't get the good stuff or we'll eat it all.

We ducked into Walgreens for a few things and look what I found... The new blinged out Voluminous mascara. Fancy huh? I had to get it. This is my favorite drug store brand of mascara. I'll put it to the test later. It better not disappoint or I'll be pissed.

Have a great weekend!

wknd wedding

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"nick or treat." bahahahaha

Happy Halloween!! Don't I look scary????


Tonight is our "Nick or Treat" Halloween show at Hammerstein. Woo Hoo! It's gonna be one of those long days. Not complaining, just preparing to go all night. If you're coming to the show, doors open at 6:30 and the show starts at 8pm. I have to leave as soon as I get off the air and head strait to the venue. I'm doing backstage invasions. Fun right? I'm gonna bust in on Nelly, Taio Cruz and The New Boys.


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umm. yum.

My friend Nicole sent me Bethenny's Marbled Pumpkin Cheesecake recipe. I am so making this. Sunday maybe? This looks phenom!


Have a fab night ladies!

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get the sephora hook up

I never need a reason to shop, but 20% off?? Hook me up. Thank you SEPHORA!


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we're having a baby!!

Not me silly, my radio bud NICK CANNON and his wifey Mariah Carey. Nick confirmed it today on 923NOW!

Access Hollywood is airing a 3 part series on Nick and Mariah's story starting tonight at 7:30 on NBC.

Mariah will be on the air with us tomorrow morning taking your calls and questions {and congratulatory wishes.} Listen LIVE on 923NOW.com, text us @ 69-923 or call 888-923-0923

Mariah needs to be sending me some of her baby dust, haha.

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pwp is a go!


PAMPERED WITH PAIGE is a go for FRIDAY, November 19th at TOUCH NYC!!! I am SOOOO happy we moved it to FRIDAY. Now we can stay late and party!!

Who's coming?

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goodies for goblins

My friend Danielle is so sweet. She is such a giver. Always thinking of others.

Look what she put together for me..just because.

A HALLOWEEN PUMPKIN cupcake making kit!! Does she know me or what??


CUTE tote! Perfect for bringing my lunch in these next couple of days.


All the goodies. Check out the skull & bones cupcake wrappers


Emergency chocolate is a must.


If you look closely, try and read the fine print on this "emergency chocolate" wrapper. Prett funny.

Thanks Dan! Love ya girl!


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jesse mac in the house

Clearly, I'd be the cougar in this relationship, haha. Jesse McCartney is quite the little charmer.


I meant what I said at the end of this interview. It's so true. What a cutie pie!

Click HERE to watch. Jesse and I got down to some serious twitter business. Btw, you can follow him @JesseMcCartney and you can follow me @lisapaigeNOW

PS- For those of you wondering about my top, I got it on sale for 14.95 at American Eagle last year.

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spin & din part 2

Hello Wednesday! Is it just me or are you tired too??

Tonight Dan and I are taking the 6:30 spin class at the NAC. I've been going balls to the wall with workouts lately. Definitely not a bad thing. I think it's because of all the variety. No session is the same. Between boot camp, running, zumba and spin, my bod never knows what to expect. I feel more muscular and leaner because of it. As a matter of fact, as I was sweating my ass off last night {at booty} I was thinking...why not become a personal trainer?? Seriously. Why not? It's not like I have this insane crazy work schedule that doesn't allow me to do other things. Most days I'm home by 5:30. I have every weekend off and never work holidays. Not to mention all the vacation time I get. I love meeting new people, I obviously have no problem communicating or getting along with others. I can do this! And I think I might. Now, where do I begin?? HA. Looks like I'll be shooting off some emails to my trainer friends. I'll keep you posted.

Good list alert! "Tips to slash your calorie intake."

PS-I'm going to explode from all the tootsie rolls I've been eating. This is bad. I guess it is a good thing spin class is in the near future. Damn you tootsie rolls.


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