September 2010

bruno mars

Bruno Mars stopped by the my rad radio station, 923NOW today. What a little charmer this guy is :0) Get his new album next Tuesday!


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flannel shirt throw down

Yo, it's a serious flannel shirt throw down in my closet right now.

I bought another one. I can't stop. I have a Target flannel problem. There I typed said it.

Cute riiight? I feel like a Harvest wreath. 

$14.99 well spent!


PS-Target already has Christmas lights and some decorations up. I can't even........


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sh*t. i'm busy

Modern Family's on tonight. Yay!!

Ya know what else is tonight??

GIRL'S DIN @ Blue Fin! I'm meeting up with my radio gals, GN and Joey. We have some serious catching up to do. I haven't been to Blue Fin in over a year. I'm so excited.

Good friends+good food=trouble EPIC time!!

Tasty sushi rolls get in my tummy!!

This weekend is turning out to be a busy one. Saturday morning Ang and I are taking an 8am spin class. At 9am, I'm walking 10 feet across the hall to meet up with my new trainer Diana, {Patty left the NAC.} After my session, I have to run home, shower, get a blow out for my little photo op. I'm two years over due for new pic's. I need them for radio, tv and my new site. Mike Landis is the lucky photographer haha.. Saturday night my friend Ruthie is taking the train down from NYC and we're meeting up with our co-worker, Wil for din at Seasons 52. 

Sunday Ruthie and I are tackling the Trick or Treat 5 Miler in Newtown! Supposedly, there will be "treats" at every mile marker. Starbursts? Yes please.

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crap you can use

Another fun list!

5 Quick Beauty Fixes using the crap you already have. NICE!

Click HERE to check it out.


What's your #1 go-to product?

Mine is chapstick {believe it or not.} I can't go to bed or workout without it. Total must have.

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kelly o's looking good!

What's good?? Is it really only Tuesday? Blahhh.

Torro came in today raving about how "hot Kelly Osbourne looks now." I have to agree with him. She looks phenom. She credits DWTS for her weight loss. Work. It. Out. Kell.

What do you think?

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5 before 7


I feel great! I went to bed like the senior that I am last night at 10pm, and slept an entire 7 hours! Woot woot!
It was easy to wake up and hit the pavement this morning after being so well rested. I banged out 5 miles with my new yellow reflector vest. I felt so much better {and safer} running with this on. Now all the cars can see me as I run along on my merry way.

This is the BROOKS NIGHT REFLECTIVE VEST I wear when I run at dusk or dawn {never both.} That would be too much running for this little lady :0)

Time to shower, eat breakfast and head off to work! Talk to you at lunch. Have a great morning.

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sonic hooked me up!

Whoever was working the drive-thru at Sonic tonight deserves a promotion!!

THANK YOU whoever you are!

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I changed my twitter name to lisapaigeNOW. I think it's much more fitting, hehe.

Make a note of it :0)


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For some reason, when it comes to shoes, I favor clogs over any other style. I love the way they fit, look and slide right on. There's nothing better than a cute chunky pair of 4"clogs....


I just ordered these clutch clogoronies!! They're the Steve Madden "Carnee" clog. I got them in Taupe. Now don't be fooled, most websites are selling them for $129, but being the barganista that I am, I found them on sale at for....wait for it...$79!!

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ruthie visits!

I'm so excited to run this weekend's "Trick or Treat 5 Miler." It's this Sunday, 9am at Tyler State Park.My friend {and work bud} Ruthie is coming down from NYC to run it with me. How nice of her!! Even more exciting?? I'm taking Ruthie for her first din at Season's 52 {Sat night}. After the run on Sunday, we're hitting Target. She's never been!! When you live in the city, you are unfortunately not blessed with Target. Poor souls. Ruthie is gonna DIE! I already told her she has to get the infamous Target flannel. At least one.

For more info on the Trick or Treat 5 Miler, click HERE.


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