August 2010

hls un-cut

I totally forgot about this vid my donkey kong sister and I recorded when we were in Chicago at the Healthy Living Summit. Shame on me!

short and sweet ladies ;0)

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the cheater's diet

This is my latest read and I love love love it!!

"The Cheater's Diet"

It's soo good!

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the perfect pair

Thank you Levi's!! Thank you. 

"All asses were not created equal."


Have you heard Levi's new "curve id" jeans campaign? This is glorious news for all! You can now go into any Levi's store and get custom fit jeans! How excited am I?? This means no more more baggy ass, muffin top or long hem lines. I can't wait to hit up the Soho location this week and get fitted. Woo Hoo!

While we're on the subject of clothing, check out this adorb v-neck sweater I got from Target last night. Guess how much it was???



Oh, and thanks for all the emails regarding the flannels.


I love Rachel Bilson. She can rock a mean flannel.

I recorded a vlog on my purchases from last night. Will post it tonight. Stu was on the computer doing his damn Fantasy draft so I was outta luck.

{This sweater also comes in navy blue with red strips AND a plain beige.}


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brit is purdy

I'm pretty sure "Radiance" is a scent I would never in a million years wear, but Brit looks stunning!

She cleans up well ;0)

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8 yrs later, the dress still fits

So while I was home in CT over the weekend, I went digging through the closet in my old bedroom, and look what I found! My wedding dress!!! It still fits {sorta}. This dress was the first one I tried on. It was love at first sight. For those of you wondering, this dress is by Jessica McClinotock.


IMG_2041 Aww, I remember our wedding day like it was yesterday. Stu and I are renewing our vows in two years (on our 10 yr.)

IMG_2043 I'm think I'll wear this dress again. Why not right???

IMG_2046What's your most cherished memory from your wedding day?

Mine was walking down the aisle with my dad and seeing Stu waiting at the alter. Cameras were flashing like crazy and I remember my dad saying "Lis, this is what you've always wanted; all eyes are on you."

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hi, it's monday!


I left my camera at home, so pic's from the weekend won't be up until tomorrow. Saturday was spent with my mom and nana. Saturday night, I took them to a very cool and swanky sushi restaurant in New Haven, called Kumo. The sushi part didn't go over very well with mom and nan (they're not fans.) I, on the other hand ate my weight in sushi. All that wine, rice ,and soy sauce combined with the salt, did not make for a good weigh-in this morning. I'm wearing leggings and over-sized shirts for the rest of my life. Ugh.

Nic's baby shower was great. I always LOVE hanging with the original crew when I go back to Madison. I really wished we all lived closer. Sucks to always say hi, and then bye.

I got home around 7 last night, ate crap and went to bed. Feeling not so hot today.

Anyway, enough of my bitching. Hope you have a great day!

Nana knows what she wants in a man, haha!

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on the road again

Happy Saturday-

I'm off to CT to hang with my momma. 

Sadly this will be the last post for the weekend :0( I'll have my iPad with me and not my mac.

Tomorrow's Nic's baby shower. Hard to believe some of my friends are already popping out kids. I feel old.

Have a great weekend and I'll catch up with you Monday {pics from this weekend will be up too.}

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beautify your...

Who is vajazzling??? I mean, besides Jennifer Love Hewitt? This is so silly!!!!
I'm at the salon reading the Sept. issue of Health. If you wanna jazz up your vajayjay, flip to page 188 :0)

beautify your...

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pumpkin spice lattes!!!!!!!!

OMG!!! From my twitter buddy @taylormacmanus :

Pumpkin spice lattes will be available at Starbucks starting tomorrow TODAY!!!!. It won't be on menu, you have to ask for it.


I'm getting one tomorrow morning! Who's in??

Speaking of pumpkin, guess what candle I fired up last night????

Yup, my all time favorite Yankee Candle in "Spiced Pumpkin." It smelled so good, I didn't want to blow it out {before bed.} I'm hooked on this scent. Hoooooooooooked!!!


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tgif for real!

Hello my loves!

How happy are we that it's FRIDAY!!?? I woke up 530 and banged out a nice 5 miler this morning. It felt good!! I can't wait until the leaves start changing and it gets crisp out :0)

On the agenda for today

I'll be in CT this weekend for my friend's baby shower. I'm so excited to see my girls :0)

How's everyone else doing today???

I just shoved down a chocolate chip cookie LARA bar down my throat, and it was deeeeeelish!!!!


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