May 2010

back to reality

Is it Monday Tuesday already?  Back to the grind. I'm actually okay with getting back to work because tomorrow I'm talking to JILLIAN MICHAELS!!! I'll be sure to ask her your questions {thank you btw}. They're all great. I'll also post the podcast of our convo up here tomorrow too. Don't forget, her new show "Losing it with Jillian Michaels" premieres tomorrow night @10pm on NBC.

Okay, back to me (haha).

My three day weekend was super FUUUUUUUN!!!!! I don't want to bore you with the details but obviously I have to show you the best part of my marvelous weekend.

My new tattoo!!!

I know. Bad ass.

I'm pretty excited about this one. It's so me. Gotta rep my biz ya know??

I got this done on Sunday at the Lion's Den in New Hope. Let me tell ya, New Hope was bustling yesterday. So many people, holy cow. Okay rewind back to Friday night {speaking of New Hope}. We had dinner at Lambertville station {as planned}. So. Good. We sat in the corner window and watched all the people walk by. As soon as they sat us, the best homemade coconut bread I've ever had arrived at our table. I snagged a recipe card as we walked out. I have to make it. Mmmm. After a nice chill dinner, we walked up the block for ice cream and then back down to the water to watch the fireworks. They were awesome. People were everywhere. Most were lined up across the bridge that links New Hope to Lambertville. FYI:  New Hope/Lambertville do fireworks every Friday night @ 9:30 all summer until Sept 3rd. This is a must see if you live {or visit} the area. It was fab and really got us excited for the summer.

Saturday morning, Stu got up at the crack with me took a spin class. He will never do that again. Stu ball..not a fan. Saturday afternoon I got my hair done and then ran a ton of errands. First stop? Target {obvi}. I got a heart rate monitor {for spin}, then ran over to Homegoods, Ulta, and finally the grocery store. At some point on Sat, I managed to squeeze in a mani/pedi too. Saturday night  I did nothing but catch up on all the past episodes of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. I'm sorry but, NJ is WAY better than NY this season. LOVE the Jersey girls. LOVE.

Sunday morning I took the 9:15 spin class. Judy the instructor came up to me at the end of class and said she loved my energy and how I knew all the lyrics to the songs. I was excited that she noticed. Not gonna lie, I was singing {and spinning} along to Carrie Underwood. Those are easily spinnable tunes, ha. After spin, I came home, showered, and then hauled ass over to New Hope to get my tatt. I was on the phone with my mother-in-law as I was driving and failed to tell her exactly why I was going there. She's not a huge tattoo fan. I know she reads this blog, so Ann, if you're checking in, that's what I was doing Sun..going to get inked (don't hate me).

Stu got home later Sunday afternoon {he was in NY Sat afternoon-yesterday}. We chilled and then went to dinner. After din, we came home and watched "Couples Retreat". I love Vince Vaughn, he was great, but over all, the movie sucked. I was bored outta my gord and just tweeted the entire time.

Today I got up and went to my third spin class! Go me. I've been so into them lately. If you take spin, how often do you go? Are there people out there who spin 5 days a week? Is that too much spinning?? Just curious. It's been a nice change though. Sometimes you have to switch up your routines to avoid getting bored. After my hour long spin class, I came home and made Stu a fabulous breakfast. It consisted of 3 eggs sunny side up served over a sesame bagel with a side of homemade fruit salad. After breakfast we packed up the dogs and drove into town for the Yardley Memorial Day parade. As we were walking towards the parade route, we ran into our friends Dan and Tara and their adorable kiddies, Kaitlyn and Jack. All 8 of us {including the dogs}, enjoyed the parade. Great afternoon. The dogs were the center of attention, as all the kids walking by wanted to "pet the puppies". CUTE.

Overall, this was the perfect weekend. As you know, we had NO real set in stone plans, and I LOVE that. We looked at a couple of pool clubs in the area, and have decided to go for it and join one. This is a very clutch development. The thought of A) having no plans in the upcoming weeks, and B) having a pool to lay out by knowing we have no plans is the greatest feeling in the world.

Here are a few pic's I took of all the purdy flowers growing in our yard.

IMG_1343 IMG_1350
Good thing I took these pic's before the hurricane rain storm we got earlier. What was that all about??  After the hail subsided, Miles and I went outside to evaulate out the damage. Forget about the mother ass branches scattered all over our yard, MILES, was ready for his photo op.


Sleeping while standing. The parade/heat wore him out. Clearly.


A few of you had asked if I had seen Sex in the City yet. Umm, no. I'm going with my girlfriend Cynthia on Wednesday night. I heard it was just alright, that's why I didn't rush out to see it. Plus, it came in at #3 at the box office. YIKES.

Hope you had a fantastic Memorial Day weekend!

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reppin' my biz

Got my tattoo and I looooooove it to bits!
Happy Memorial Day guys!!

reppin' my biz

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new fav candle

Wood Wick in "Almond Orange".

Holy amazeballs....

I love the crackling noise this candle makes as the wick burns down. I'm very particular when it comes to summer candle scents. I haven't burned anything since February because nothing has appealed to me. What candle scent do you burn in the summer months?? I hate the smell of flowers...ick. What's left? I was in Ulta last night {of all places}, when I came across this little gem of a candle. It's a wood wick candle (huge fan). When I popped the lid off smelled this particular one, I knew after the first whiff that this was MY new scent! Go me!! I lit it up as soon as I got home. Within a few minutes, the house smelled AHHH-MAZ-ING!! When Stu asked what candle I was burning I knew the Almond Orange was a keeper. This the perfect scent for summer! 

I should mention that before I went to bed, I jumped on amazon and bought two more jars.

"Buy in bulk" is Stu's our motto.


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it's the friggin' weekend

I feel like this week dragged on forever and ever and ever.

Or is this just me??

We're going to New Hope tonight to watch the fireworks. YAY! Before the light show, we're having dinner at Lambertville Station. It's right on the Delaware River, so I'm hoping we can score a table outside under the stars.

Lambertville-station Since I didn't run this morning, I'm hoping to make the 6pm spin class tonight. We'll see. I'm not gonna break my back getting there if I'm too pressed for time. If I don't make it, whoooooofc. It's the weeeekend!! I can always go to the 8am class on Sunday.

Tomorrow morning we're running in the red, white and blue 5K. It's in Doylestown. The race starts a 9:30 which is pretty late actually. I have a hair appointment  at 12:30. Gotta these these roots touched up BAD. Side note. I am going back to my old salon, just seeing another stylist. Amanda was awesome, but I think Sarah will do fab too. Her chair was next to Amanda's so she was always there when I would be getting my hair done. She knows how blonde I like it, so I'm pretty confident that she can handle my mane ;0)

What are you doing for Memorial Day?? Any BBQ's planned???


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#257 times 6

I am totally obsessed with Chanel's "Bikini Peach". I love, love , love this color! I ordered 2 more tubes last night {for a grand total of...wait for it....6 tubes}.

Hey man, this color is a limited edition. It's already sold out at most Macy's stores.


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hartford, ct is on fire

I can't believe what I'm reading.

Hartford, CT made yet another list. WTH? Hartford is apparently the 9th fittest city and now it's made it onto the "10 Best Cities to live in" list. Huh? Am I missing something here?

Sadly, Philly and NY got the shaft once again. Waaaaah!!

I miss you Philly! I need to hit the KOP miz-all this weekend :0)


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pwp details

Hi loves!! 

It's official. We are definitely doing my Pampered Event! Woo Hoo! I can't believe this is actually happening!

Here's the scoop on my first NYC edition of Pampered With Paige.

DATE: Thursday July 22nd

TIME: 6:30-9:30 (tentatively)


618 W.46th St


As we get closer, I'll have chances for you to win tickets through my blog. You can also listen to me weekdays 10-3pm on 923NOW to get on the guest list.

If you have or run a business that targets women 18-34, and would like to be a part of my event, pls call Danny Bortnick at 212-314-9225. This is an amazing opportunity for you to sell, display and show off your products/store/clothes/snacks.

For those of you who have been to a PWP event in the past (hollar Philly), you know what it's all about. For the newbies; this is basically a GIRLS NIGHT OUT. Leave your man at home, grab your bff and enjoy a night out with just the ladies. You'll sample everything from my favorite food finds, to health, beauty and fitness swag. We cover it all. Trust me, this is one night you do not want to miss. It's AWESOME!

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pwp. the event.

Breaking PWP NEWS!!!

The event IS happening.

We are locked & loaded.

Check back today at 5pm for details.

{Katy Perry is NOT invited}

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jillian michaels is calling me!

I am freaking out!! Jake, Nick's producer booked Jillian Michaels for me!! She's calling my show on Tuesday. Is this a dream??? I am elated!



I am seriously DYING!! I LOVE JILLIAN.


Post your questions in the comments section below. I can't promise I will be able to ask her everyone's, but I'll try my best.

There's nothing better that can top off this day.!

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