April 2010

cover your eyes

Christina's new song "Not Myself Tonight" is #1 on my play list. HOT!

This video? Even hotter. Watch out. And kick your kids out of the room before you watch this.

Sorry this vid is larger than life. I have no idea why my settings are all jacked up.

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"tan in a can" 101

To answer all your questions- here you go!

This stuff is the sh*t, and no it doesn't streak, smell or smudge.

Have a fantastic weekend!!

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drool worthy

Dear God,

Can you make a dessert breakfast like this low fat?? Please?

IHOP Pancake Stacker 

A layer of cheesecake filling sandwiched between two buttermilk pancakes smothered in strawberry, blueberry or cinnamon apple compote and syrup topped with whipped cream. 

One day I'll tackle this. One day.

Greatest website ever: thisiswhyyourefat.com


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me? pale? not anymore.

"Tan In A Can", it's so good to be wearing you again!


I'm off to Henry Bendel. Gotta re-stock for this season. They sent me a 25% off birthday coupon, so just like last year, I'm using that on more Model Co.


What self tanning products do you LOVE???

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bye to the "brown bag"

Hi Lisa,

First off great job on the ½ marathon.  I too ran my first ½ on 4/25.  It was one of the best things I have ever done for myself.  I signed up to do another one in September and am thinking about doing the Rock n Roll ½ in Philly.  Best of luck this weekend at the Broad Street Run!

Hope you are still brown bagging it…I am in desperate need of some new/fresh ideas for lunch. I hate buying lunch because by the end of the week I’ve spent $40+ and I sure could use that money toward some cute running gear =)  I do bring my lunch, but I am so bored with the same ol’ same ol’.  We do have a microwave, but I’m still at a loss for new ideas.

Any ideas are appreciated!!


Hey Melissa!

Funny you should bring this up. Check out my new snazzy lunch bag. I got it at Pier 1 for $1.69 (I think). Cheap and cute. I'm loving that Pier 1 is branching out and selling little trinkets, earrings, stationary, etc. I can't make it to the register without picking up something. Last night it was a 4 pack of magnets.

As far as lunches go. I usually make a salad, or pack up veggies and hummus. It sucks, because my floor has no microwave, so my options are very limited. I remember back in the Q102 old days, I'd bring killer lunches: baked potatoes, veggie burgers, Amy's brown rice tofu bowls. Brings a tear to my eye that now I'm stuck with either spending for delivery, waiting until 3pm to eat OR having another damn salad.

Lunch options for Melissa. Anyone???

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toe nail trouble

Crap- my 2nd toe is about to lose it's little nail and I'm FREAKING OUT!!! Don't be fooled by the polish, I can see the sides lifting. Eeeewwww. It'll be a miracle if it doesn't. I have a feeling that after this weekend's Broad St run, that nail is dunzo.

How fast do toe nails grow back??? I'm so grossed out. The thought of not getting pedi's KILLS me. I can't possibly show up at the salon with only 9 piggies to paint!!!!


The question I've been asking all week:


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happy ending for sandy

Sandra Bullock is my hero! She has filed for divorce and is moving on with the new little man in her life!

She say's this whole process is bittersweet. I can't imagine what she's going through. Don't you just hate Jesse James even more now? If cheating wasn't bad enough, he was cheating while she was home taking care of their newly adopted baby!!!!! A-HOLE!!!!!

I'm disgusted.


Read all about her new life with baby Louis HERE.

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my salads will never be the same...

I'm all out of my KRAFT dressing packets! Yup, officially out of 'em. I am beside myself. To make matter worse, KRAFT stupidly discontinued making them.


Remember the happier times? This was last July :0(

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the magical list

Time Magazine's 100 Most Influential People.

Hmm, who made this lovely little list???

HOLLAR at Palin Lady Gaga.


Who has influenced Gaga??

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i apparently have...


Nice. Sounds so athletic and professional.

Shout out to Melissa. This was the email I received from her a few days ago. She's a newbie half marathoner too!!

Hey Lisa!!!!

I couldn't help but to write to you. So I am a HUGE follower of yours via your blog! Believe it or not I was at the country music marathon in TN this past weekend too! I'm from PA and I went with my friends from Delaware!! We never met before and where ever I was down there I looked for you and Stu, sis/bf, but came up short. I guess considering there were thousands upon thousands of people there that was a shot in the dark! So I write to you because you can not stop talking about the run and I'm soo the same way! That was my first half marathon and the most I ran before this was 8 miles. But this was def. the best experience ever. I absolutely loved how there were lots of people cheering you on combined with all the bands!!! That all made the race seem painless! And I must saying crossing the finish line gave me goosebumps. One of the guys I went with is a marathon runner and I told him how I just want to run in all these races now and he said I have what they call "runners fever" so I think it's safe to say you have it too, haha. Looking at the brochure that came in the goody bag with all the other rock n roll marathons just makes me sooo excited- I just want to goo to them all!!!! Oh also I am a manager at a shoe store and I love your shoe of choice the lunar glides and lunar elites!! Take care and happy running!!!  


The countdown to Broad St is on! Only 3 days left. I can't wait to run this with my sister, Liv, Lori and Nicole.
Oh, and the carb loading, I can't wait for that either. We're gonna do serious damage at La Stalla in Newtown Saturday night. Pass me another slice of bread please :0)

If our stories don't inspire you, maybe this will.


I got my Lunarglides yesterday. They are fabulous!


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