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rihanna is an effing idiot!!!!

What the HELL is she thinking getting back together with the man who beat the sh*t out of HER????!!!!!! Now I don't feel bad for her AT ALL!!!!!!!! Yeah, great message you're sending out to all the young impressionable girls who look up to you Rihanna. You're such a fantastic role model. No, seriously. WTF?????? Click HERE to read more about this ridiculous story.


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She's too good for him. I know girls in real life, like this. They are abused emotionally or physically and they stay with the guy. Its sad and its sick.


there is 2 sides to every story...her face looked like it hit the dashboard like he stopped the car suddenly and the scratches could be from him tryin to fight her off as she was smacking him becuase some girl texted his phone..she may have just implicated him cause she was mad..he may be innocent


that sucks.
why r girls so vulnerable to guys like that.
hope that the "incident" NEVER happens again...


I feel really bad for her...I don't think she is mature enough to get out. She loves him and he is going ot tell her everything she wants to hear!! It took me 18yrs to realize that my boyfriend then husband and I had a volitile relationship. What needs to happen is her parents need to step in and pull her out. Time away and good therapy is the only way for her to realize that she deserves more. As twisted as this sounds when you are in a realtionship that is abusive you feel like the abuser really loves you and that you did something to deserve it!! It is a SICK SICK cycle!! I hope her family steps in!!


It sucks, its sad and its a very bad influence for the girls that look up to her. I work w/ a lot of victims and it will be up to her, and her only, to decide to leave him. This isnt the first or the last time its happened... hopefully it wont be worse next time.


Believe me when im saying this-when a guy tries even to raise his hand on a woman he will DEFINITELY do it AGAIN if she doesnt leave him IMMEDIATELY! And dont get deceived by the fact hes begging u telling he s so sorry he wished his hand broke rather than raising it on you!

This sucks that we women have to put up with the fact guys are just physically stronger and when they feel like it they just gonna abuse u! NO WOMAN should put up with a guy even TRYING to raise his hand in a heated argument or maybe cos he's jealous!!!!


I feel that she is dumb to get back into a relationship with him because i know for a fact and personal experience that it will likely happen again.

They seemed like they were so happy together. And yes we dont know their personal lives we only see pictures. Its hard when you really love somebody.


she clearly has no self respect. this is ridiculous.


i heard she is prego!!


I really dont understand why everyone is so shocked over it really! Honestly I think they would have been right back with each other, sooner then this, if the media wouldnt have been all in there business! I mean really there are 2 sides to thre story! And who knows what happened! We are simply going on what the media says and we all know how reliable they are, NOT!! And me being a firm believer that if a woman has enough balls to hit a man she should get hit back! Woman take advantage of the fact that men arent "suppose" to hit woman! Well if she hits him first then I'm all for him defending himself! And I am not saying that men should abuse woman, abuse and hitting back it 2 different things!!!

For the thing about being a role model to other girls, or being a bad one!! I really think that we need to raise stronger woman! I remember growing up and lnot ooking up to anyone because my mother raised me to know that no ones perfect and that NO one is worthy enough to be "looked up to" I think its a shame that mothers are looking for stars to be there girls role models instead of looking in the mirror and looking at themselves!! We shouldnt hold these stars to high standards as we do! They are normal people! SO lets start raising stronger woman instead of blaming these celebrities for our lack of parenting!!!!!


After reading this:

I really do think she is stupid. She may not be so lucky to even be alive next time.

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