i need an ipad! this is no laughing matter

Stu came home with his new iPad yesterday, and I basically took it hostage. When they first came out I wasn't interested. I couldn't care less. WTH was I thinking?? I slept with it last night..haha. I kid. I did take it to bed with me though {in hopes that Stu would forget to take it with him to work this morning.} My devious plan didn't work out so much. He remembered. Look, bottom line is, I need my own iPad. We can't possibly share ONE. Not gonna happen.

I have to get an iPad (preferably this gorg white one). Maybe this weekend. I've got to pick up my jeans @ Nordies, which happens to be in the KOP mall. Hmmm, that would require me to walk into the APPLE store and purchase my iPad past the Apple Store. Bahahahaha. I'm so sneaky.

This white ipad is begging to be owned by me. It's pleading!

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if you have the iphone 4...

You're getting your very own beautiful black bumper!!! So much for the slick and chic look most were going for. Rumor has it, Apple will be announcing a recall. Glad I didn't get it!!

Sucks for the millions that are having problems.  Click here for deets.


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goodbye at&t


Come January, I'm 10000% switching over to Verizon . Done.


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iphone 4.0


Did you get the new iPhone 4?? 


Have you updated your iPhone with the new 4.0 software yet? I just did and I LOOOOOOOOVE!!!!!!!  About 2 hours ago I was all about the iPhone 4, but now that I've upgraded my 3Gs, I don't really feel the need to get the iPhone 4 this very second. It's all good yo!

Read this if you are considering the iPhone 4. Just sayin'

Vita water sent all of us huge boxes of their delicious coconut flavored water and I love the pomegranate flavor. I think it's my favorite. It's big gulp worthy.

Please excuse this pic. As you can see I haven't figured out how to rotate.


Have you nominated me for the REGIS & KELLY co-hosting spot yet??

Click HERE to show me some love. Please?


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regis & kelly part 2

Hii again!

My day has been nothing less than exciting! Total craziness.

If you haven't already heard (or read), I want to get my butt on Regis and Kelly. I'm asking you, my amazing listeners, viewers, readers and fellow bloggers to PLEASE nominate me to be a co-host on "Regis & Kelly". Everything you need to know is right HERE. 

OR you can just watch me beg you :0)

**If Ellen could get her gorgeous face on the cover of "O" magazine (using her tv show to help promote her), I don't see why I can't use the power of radio to help promote myself. Why not right??? I have to at least try.

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So fun!

Thx for all the love guys!! That was so much fun. Everyone who works on The CBS EARLY Show were so sweet!!  Erika, Betty, Dave and Harry were great. Hopefully this turns into a regular gig (knock on wood). I'll post the segment asap. Here's the link from CBS.comBack to radio land now.

.So fun!

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getting married?

This is GENIUS.

I'm so excited to upgrade to the iphone 4. Unfortunately they won't have the white until later in the summer. Gonna wait. I hate black.

Back to the app. Not gonna lie, it's very convenient,


I highly recommend you going to my good friend Joe Bucci. He made my rings and I adore them to death. They are beautiful and so unique and different.

I apologize for this video being larger than life. I have no idea why my server won't shrink it down. WEIRD.

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go greyson

Have you seen/heard of Greyson Chance yet?? Well if you haven't, you will. His you You Tube vid has had over 15 million hits already.

Our boy Greyson definitely has the Bieber hair complex prob going on though. He can't seem to stop tossing his hair! Kind of annoying. Other than the constant hair tossing, he has some serious talent. Apparently Interscope Records thinks so too. They just signed the kid! Keep in mind that he's NEVER taken a voice lesson and he's only played the piano for 3 years! 

Oh, AND he's freakin' 12!!!!!

WATCH the hell out Bieber. 

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it's a girl for bethenny

Congrats to Bethenny Frankel. She gave birth to a baby GIRL "Bryn" yesterday at 8am in NYC. I like Bryn as a name. I went to school with two Bryn's. A Bryn Morgan (guy) and a Bryn Goodwin (girl). 


Speaking of names, Isabella and Jacob are apparently the top two baby names for 2010. Emma was the hot name for 2009, but because of all the damn TWILGHT movies, Isabella HAD to be #1 for 2010. This is annoying on so many levels. I won't hate on Jacob, because this name has been #1 for the past 11 years. But really TWILGHT fans??? REALLY?????

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new find per Eileen

Hello Lisa,

I found this site on self mag’s website …http://www.dlitebox.com/intro/basik-box.aspx . its pretty cool  they are already measured containers for you food kind of reminded me of the measure up bowls you talked about on your site!  Let me know what you think!!  Have a great week! 



Nice work Eileen. These are great.

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