it's finally friday!

Good morning!!

Didn't this week feel like it dragged on and on an ON????

Ugh. I'm so happy it's Friday!! I'm having din din with my good friend Nicole {aka "Nic the Web Chick" on my old station Q102.} We're going to Seasons 52!! I need a Seasons fix bad, so tonight will be super fun.


Last night's bridal soiree in Ridgewood, NJ was great. I met a lot sweet brides-to-be and sampled just about every kind of appetizer they had. Market Basket catered and their food was crazy good. Deana, {aka Queen Buzz} joined me for a fab night of eating our faces off in North Jersey. Ridgewood is beautiful!! And I was told the celebs who live up that way {Rev Run, RHONJ, Diddy, Jay-Z, Mary J, Brook Sheilds} shop at the Garden State Plaza. I think this warrants another road trip with my friend Danielle, ha.

Okay, off to start the day! Have a fab Friday!

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yes! not stuck

By the grace of God, I'm on the train! Penn was mad crazy if you can imagine. My train was 10 mns late.. I'll take it. Home to the puggies!

Before I boarded, I had some time to make a fast and furious stop into Starbucks. I got a tall skim 1 pump peppermint 1 pump mocha latte.

Spin tonight! Can't wait to sweat out all the cookies I ate last night :0)

yes! not stuck

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stuck in ny

Well this is awesome. All NJ Transit and Amtrak trains have been suspended due to wire damage caused by the high winds. No trains are coming in or leaving out of Penn. It's times like this, I wish I worked locally.

Hope your day is going better than mine.

More later when I'm in a better mood.

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happy turkey day!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

It's 5:47am as I type this. Why am I up so friggin' early you ask? SPIN class at 7:00. My friend Angela is meeting me at the NAC at 6:45. I always get up an hour prior to a class or workout, because no matter what time of the morning it is, I'm always hungry. Pre-spin fuel was one of Stu's sugar-free muffins and a coffee. Today's creamer was Marshmallow Mocha in case you were wondering :0)

IMG_2662 I had the chocolate one. I love these muffins because they're sugar free and only 150 calories [per muffin!} Giant and Super Fresh sell Butterfly Bakery goods. You have to try them.


Phoebs is waiting for me to drop a crumb. Nice try monster dog.


After work yesterday I took the 4pm Amtrak back. I learned my lesson from last year not to ever take NJ Transit back the night before a big holiday. Penn station was a mess. Crappy, smelly, miserable people were everywhere. Could you imagine traveling with them? Hell no! Amtrak is the way to go. I went direcrly from the train station {in Trenton} to my hair appointment. My friend Danielle's sister-in-law has the most beautiful blonde, and when I saw her last month, her hair was the first thing I noticed. I had to go wherever Katie went. And I did. THANK YOU AUDRA! I LOVE my hair. You guys know how picky and particular I am with my color, and Audra nailed it. I've found a new salon, and for that I am thakful, haha.

After my appointment, I mocked 8 back home, changed, and we were back in the car and  on our way to see Michael Buble. This was our 5th concert. He is, Michael Buble is the perfect man. Even Stu agrees. HAHA. It was a fantastic date night :0). Our seats weren't too bad either.

minus that dude's bald head.


And that my friends was how I spent my Thanksgiving Day eve. We're off to West Chester to spend the day with Stu's family. I bailed on the pumpkin roll and bought a sheet cake. Yeah, I took the easy way out. Whoooofc! The dogs are coming with us so they can see their cousin Emily who's a puggle.

Have a great Thanksgiving today!!

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boston pic's

Boston fun!

First off, I can't do anything until I post pic's of the cutest little beige hippo I've ever seen, Miss Elle.

As you can see, she was thrilled to see me too

"stop taking picture's Auntie Lisa."

IMG_2519 You can't tell me Elle doesn't resemble a beige hippo

Lindsay and her baby hippo

Harvard square. Notice my flannel?? Yup, Target.

Night before 1/2 marathon means CARB LOADING!! This was eggplant parm, but I only ate about 1/4th. It was too much food {and not even that great.}

our cousin Racheal, Linds and me. IMG_2552
my dad's cousin Louis and her husband David. Louis is a social networking machine. She goes to 2-3 "tweet-ups" a week. LoLo is a nut on four square too.

It was a fun filled weekend of eating nothing but crap. I miss Boston already :0(

Anyway...time for bed! Talk to you tomorrow!

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running boston yo!

Wowzers!! What a weekend! As you know, Stu-bee {Stu's new name courtesy of Lenny,} and I went up to Boston to visit my sis, Lenny and Elle.

We got back to NY around 10 last night and crashed at Chris'. It was easier than going all the way home, only to come back 7 hours later ya know? Perks of sleeping in the city? Sleeping in til 8:30, woo hoo!

Anyway, the weekend was super fun. Linds and I did a lot of stuff on our own, while the boys bar hopped, chilled and laid around watching football.Yesterday we ran in the 2nd Annual Fattman Chilli Half. The race started at 7:30, but were were late to the start because we were waiting in line to use the bathrooms. There was no way I was going in the woods. Hell no. Anyway, Lindsay set a new PR time and shaved 6 mns off her previous time. I'm so happy for her. I managed to set a new pr, but only by 40 seconds. Whatev, I'll take it. I can always try again this weekend in the Philly half right???

13.1- 1:53:10 avg pace- 8:33. Stu's working on my full stat re-cap as we speak. I'll post later.

After our run, Linds and I came home to find the guys still in their pj's watching football and eating cheese and crackers, shower. Then we went to lunch at this cute Mediterranean place called "Garlic 'N Lemons," and had veggie roll ups with couscous. Delish! After our meal, we headed over to Harvard Square where all the smart people hang, went to Urban Outfitters, GAP, a cute little cafe, and the candy shop. Fun.

The whole weekend was a blasty. I wish we lived closer to each other. I took a ton of pic's and will post them tonight.

Of course I can't go to another city and NOT stop at Target. We got stupid, but more on that later.


Img_2530Doesn't Lindsay make a fantastic tree? Notice the mother wreath she's wearing?? It can be yours for only $34.99. Better get to Target asap.

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we're in boston!

Hello from Boston!

We made it. I love Amtrak and all, but damn, the ride from NY to Boston is a bitch. Ugh.

Linds and I are off to pick up our bibs and race packets and then spend the day walking around this beautiful city. We're having what I suspect to be an epic lunch at Veggie Planet. This place looks serious. Stu's face lit up like a Christmas tree when I broke the news to him. Remember, he's a cute little vegetarian, so this is right up his ally.


One of the HUGE PERKS of running a half marathon is the "I don't feel guilty about eating a bowl of pasta" feeling. Now obviously this isn't a free to pass to shove 31 lbs of rigatoni down your throat, BUT, you can definitely cheat a little. That's what I intend on doing tonight. I'll most likey get a basic pasta in tomato sauce and allow myself to enjoy, dare I say, bread???? Yup, that's definitely happening. My bod needs the fuel. My bod also needs dessert. Ice cream? Yes please. I have no idea where we're eating. I think in the south end maybe?? I forget. My dad is coming up later this afternoon to join us for dinner. According to my sister, we're meeting up with his cousin and her husband for din too. This will be awkward meet up considering I've never met this cousin before {and if I have, I don't remember.} Oppsies.

Okay, off to start the day. Race and weekend re-cap coming Monday. I'm taking tomorrow off because I can't stand this blog.


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boston bound

Hello to a gorgeous Friday!

Stu and I are off to bean town this afternoon for a fun filled weekend with my sis, future brother-in-law, Lenny and my fur-baby niece, Elle.


We went to Boston exactly one year ago today. I love when dates match up :0) Oh, and I packed another Target flannel to wear tomorrow. If the dates are the same, why not the shirt??

Whenever I visit Linds, I have to go "Second Time Around." Best high-end consignment shop ever. I always find jeans here. The past 2 times I've gone, I walked out with 3 pair of sevens! I suspect this weekend will be no different.

Boston is so pretty this time of year.


It's Friday Friday Friday!
I started the day off by running my last 6 before the Fat Man Chilly Half this Sunday. It'll be interesting to see how I do considering I haven't run more than 6 miles since the RnR half last month. I hope the cooler temps work to my advantage. Nonetheless, I am really looking forward to running through beautiful Boston this weekend.

Are you doing anything fun this weekend? Who's running in a race??

PS- I still hate this blog format. Can't wait to convert and move. The purple is killing me, literally.

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oh, hi

Happy Wednesday. This week is flying by huh?

I'm determined to get the new site launched by next month. I can't stand this one anymore. I wanna puke every time I see purple. Perhaps that's why I haven't been the best blogger lately. Once my new website is up I'll be a whole new woman.

This weekend my sis and I are running the Fat Man Chilly Half Marathon. I keep forgetting I have two half marathons to tackle in the next two weeks, gah! We're going up to Boston for the weekend and what's awesome about this particular race is that it'll be in a new city! I love Philly and all, but running through Boston is enough to get me through this race. PS- My garmin crapped out on me so I had to buy a new one until my old one gets fixed. How annoying?!

I bailed on pilates last night and managed to sleep through my alarm this morning, so there went the 6 miler I had planned. Good thing Ang and I are taking the 6:30 spin class tonight. I need it after the ice cream and oatmeal cookies I ate 13 mns before I went to bed last night.

Have a great day girls {and Mikey!}

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photo sesh

Hi guys! Hope everyone had a fab weekend. It went by so fast. Boo. As you can see from my earlier post, my mom and killed it at Target. So much fun. Before I left for my dad's yesterday, my mom, Bran, nan and I hit the Guilford Diner for a little breakfast. Nom nom nom.

My bro and mom

my bro and me


37202_1576560327693_1046136396_1610867_3503594_n-1 Brandon is practicing on being a serious lumber jack, haha.



It's only Monday, sigh....

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