just another day on the job

Today was our CBS Radio expo at Yankee Stadium. SUPA FUN! I'm so lucky to work with such amazing people.

Life is good. Yes it is.


Kinda like this guy :o)

EJ, Jayme, me and my loverboy Keith. Best promotions crew in the biz.

Keith is a yoga addict now. All he does is talk about his tone-ness, ha.

One day when I'm rich, famous, and am slightly into baseball, I will sit in this suite.

Me and my bud Kat Deluna.

wardrobe change for Kat. She flew out to Wisconsin after she performed for us today. What's cheese curd? She was asking me and I had no friggin' idea.


View from the suite. Not bad.


L-R Candy, Torro, me, Big Sexy and Lil Cee

Torro and Lil Cee are like my brothers. I love these guys. They also happen to be 2 of the best DJ's around.

goof balls

line up. We are organized. Sort of.

Me and Jodi. She's our promotion director. She a hot momma. You'll see her at my Pampered Event.

Chucky and Greg. Total hunks.

This is the kinda stuff we get from listeners. Totally random. I like boobies. Wish mine we're a little bigger

Purdy booth. I signed a lot of autographs and now my hand hurts :0(

J, Tommy and I


Jayme's a reality show waiting to happen.I'm not kidding. We call her the Staten Island Princess. You can hear her on Tic Tak's show weekdays 3-7pm.


"New York!!!! Concrete jungle where dreams are made of, There's nothing you can’t do, Now you're in New York!!! These streets will make you feel brand new, the lights will inspire you, Let's hear it for New York, New York, New York".

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nothing new

Just thought I'd show my face. It's been a hot minute since I last did a vlog. It's obvious that I'm tired, as today is not April 11th, it would be the 13th. Crap, taxes are due in two days! Gahhhh!!

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hello from my couch

Hiii all. Mall was fab. Going shopping anywhere on Super Bowl Sunday is the best because no one's out. I may have bought a new jacket at North Face, and I may have dropped some $$ at MAC. I got a few more goodies, but I can't reveal what they are until later. Stu may be reading this, and he can't know..haha.I didn't watch one second of the Super Bowl. Whoooofc the Super Bowl. I'm just glad the season is over. Does this mean Fantasy Football is dunzo now too? God I hope so. I get my husband back.

Off to read food blogs bed!

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yankees fever

Wish I was at the Yankees Victory parade right now. Broadway looks like Times Square on New Year's Eve- insane. I'm so happy for the Yanks. I really got into this world series business. Stu hates this team, but he's happy I've taken interest in some sport. He's waited 11 years for this day, so I guess we're both winners :0)

Our weekend is busy as usual. We might go back to CT. Who's knows. Stu's working from home today..again, lucky him. Phoebs and Miles LOVE when one of us stays home because they get non-stop attention and treats. Last night I I dug out their fleece coats-gotta keep my babies warm when they go outside. Remember this vid from last year? CUTE.

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for fashion purposes only

I don't follow sports at all (you know that), but since I am on the radio in NYC, I have to rep some team and fit in. I flipped a coin (heads-Yanks, tails- Mets) -as you can see it landed on tails. This was the only fair way I could decide...haha. Not to mention, it gave me an excuse to buy something from VS. I'm so devious....



I love this Phillies hoodie too. Super cute.


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sports update

Not really..but check out these snazzy little "YANKEES" shirts. I've never worked for a radio station that cranks out so many cool ass shirts. I keep forgetting I'm in NYC. Whoa.

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super bowl snack showdown


If you're having a Super Bowl party this Sunday, click here to get some serious snack ideas. I could easily take down about 7 of these sliders. Mmmm, mmmm, mmmmm. And ya can't have a party without chips and guacamole. Okay, now I'm salivating.


Queso dip. Stu's favorite. We had the best last night at On The Border. I avoided the scale this morning.


Stu is heading down to Tampa this weekend for the The Super Bowl. He likes to remind me of that quite often. While he and his friends are soaking up the Florida sun, I'll be freezing my tush off up here in Philly. Maybe in honor of the Super Bowl being in Tampa this year, I'll break out my tan towels. I need a little color. Who will win "the big game" anyway? I have no idea. As you may know, I'm not the biggest sports fan around. Stu's rooting for the Cardinals. He says they're the underdogs and he always roots for offense over defense (whatever the hell that means). If he's going for the Cardinals, than I guess I will cheer them on too. Plus, I like the bird.


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sports fan?

I'm not, but I'm willing to learn for the sake of my beloved husband. Now that football season is underway, there is not one weekend that goes by where we're not either home watching the game, or out running errands, where sports radio is blarring. Stu actually stays in the car while I shop! What a weirdo. Anyway, back to this book, GameFace: The Kick-Ass Guide for Women Who Love Pro Sports Anyone who knows me, knows that I'm the absolute last person to talk to about sports. I don't get it, I'm not interested, and I think the games are WAY too long. Speaking of games, two years ago, Stu took me to an Eagles game. We had suite tix. Fancy right? I was miserable the entire 45 minutes we were there. Yes, you heard me..45 mns. We ended up leaving because the nasty, sweaty, drunk dirty men sitting around us we're totally getting on my nerves. That was the first and last football game I ever went to. I'm hoping that by reading this book, I may learn a few things and maybe, just maybe, begin to understand some of it. This is what Erika Boeke (one of the authors), says about the book.

"GameFace is a community that captures all that women love about sports – the action, the drama, the agony, the ecstasy – both on the field and off. Every day, we’ll bring the juicier stories to the forefront – everything from the latest athlete to be caught in a cross-dressing, transgender scandal to the best National Anthem performance in history … and from an exposé on sports fashion (or lack thereof) to the larger implications of how marketing and big business are simultaneously ruining and saving sports".


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