pwp is over. wahhhhhh!!

Heyyyyy...better late than never.

Deana, aka "Queen Buzz" is totes the sh*t, and took a million pic's last night at pwp. Thanks to her, I now want a Canon. I've already made Stu aware of this development :0)

I want a Canon Rebel Ti1

You can obviously see the difference between her camera and mine. Mine took the shot below. Notice me ooo'ing and ahhhh'ing over hers?? Santa? Please bring me a grown-up camera for Christmas. Please?




Lynette walked out of pwp with not 2 bottles of Palmer's Coco Butter, not 4 bottles of Palmer's Coco Butter. Lynette is a Palmer's hoarder and walked out of my event with three boxes of Palmer's Coco Butter. That's my girl Lynnette! Take it all.

Sophia has been a long time listener and blog reader of mine since the Q102 days. She's been to all of my pwp events. #1 FAN!!! Thanks Soph! You're the best-est155218_145842428796267_107702279276949_210386_3366480_n Wil is my train bud, co-worker and DJ! He made sure Britney the hits played all night long. Thanks Wil!

PWP was fantastic. I had an absolute blast meeting everyone. I can't wait until March when we do it all over again!! My awesome station 923NOW will have all the pic's and vid posted Monday so check back. Thanks to everyone who came out. I hope you had as much fun as I did.

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called out!

Next Wednesday, {Thanksgiving day eve} will be a year since I Adam called me out had my infamous "hot toddy" discussion with Adam Lambert. I thought it would be fun to re-post this video. I mean afterall, it is hot toddy season. Maybe I should think about re-naming my "hot toddy" "hot chocolate 2.0" seeing that I don't ever add {nor do I want to} whisky to it. Gross!! "Hot Toddy" just sounds cute and Christmas-ey.

I can't watch this vid without cringing at my horrendous roots. Gahh!

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bonks for biebs


I did some serious JUSTIN BIEBER reporting yesterday. It's a tough job, but someone's gotta do it. My station 923NOW was excited to be there and help out the Community Food Bank of NJ. It was a fantastic day as we raised close to 20,000 lbs. of food! Hoooray!! Thanks to everyone for coming out and showing your love.

Click HERE to watch my Katie Couric-esq reporting. I was very professional. Very.

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justin bieber and his huge ass glasses

Justin Bieber is the reason I have bags under my eyes today :)

As you guys know, after my radio show yesterday, I went to the Izopd center to interview all the screaming fans waiting in line to see their true love, Justin Bieber. We were collecting food to help out the Community Food Bank of NJ, so for every pound of food they brought, they got an extra raffle ticket for a  chance to meet Justin. The line was 2 miles long at 3:30! Can you imagine? Everyone had bags and bags of non-perishable items. it was quite the site. Two girls brought 950 lbs. of food.

950 lbs!!!!

Overall, we collected 20,000 lbs. of food for the food bank. It was an awesome day!!

In total, 24 screaming girls got to meet Justin. It was insane. What I loved the most about yesterday, was seeing all the dads with their daughters. It reminded me so much of me and my dad. He used to bring me to every concert when I was a kid. One dad told me this was his 8th Justin Bieber concert with his daughter. Dad of the year!

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pwp nyc style!

Pampered-page-970-header Two days and counting!!! If you'd like to join us for an evening of pampering, RSVP HERE. Easy peasy.

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gonna need ear plugs

Happy Wednesday!

Yesterday it was Rihanna. Today? Justin damn Bieber. I have a funny feeling that after this afternoon's interview with the pint sized pop star (hahaha,) I'm not going to want to have a daughter. Think about it. Thousands of screaming 12 yr olds all in one room. Lord help me. I'm bringing ear plugs.

Have a great day. More later.

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rihanna: "it's world wide LOUD day."

P1250961 I spent a huge chunk of the day with the one and only RIHANNA!! Her new album "LOUD" is out today, did you get a copy? I'll be running to it tomorrow morning. Can't wait. We chatted about everything; from her new fierce red hair, to what Starbucks drink she was sipping when she got to the studio. 


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what's my name?

I'm interviewing Rihanna tomorrow (Tuesday). So excited!! Anything you've been dying to know? Comment below so I can grill her, haha. Her new album "Loud" hits stores tomorrow too. Big day for RiRi!

Check out the video to "What's my Name." I'm asking Rihanna what they do to get those cutesy laughing intimate shots. Watch the video to see what I'm talking about. Her and Drake look so darn comfortable and their interaction comes off so genuine.

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love the way you lie part 2

HOT! Rihanna's 5th studio album dropes Nov 16th. Rumor has it, I'll be interviewing her again!



Happy Wednesday!

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backstage invasions

Friday night was our "Nick or Treat" Halloween show at the Hammerstein. So much fun! Before each artist went on stage, I invaded their dressing room. Pretty funny. Nelly, The New Boyz and Kevin Rudolf all got paid a special visit from yours truly.

Hope you likey :0)

click HERE to watch


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