Phoebe & Miles

i got nothing

Is it Friday yet?? This week is dragging. I just want to go home and sit by our Christmas tree with the pugs.

This is my favorite picture of Phoebs. She rules.

I'm meeting up with my awesome friend/web master extradinare this weekend to finalize everything for the new blog. I'm hoping to have it up within the next week. I can't launch it fast enough. Have I mentioned how much I hate this purple blog? Over. It.

That's all I got. I'm boring today. Sorry.

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happy birthday phoebe!!

Ten years ago today, an apricot colored pug named Phoebe Lillian was born.


I can't believe Phoebe is 10! Not to brag or anything, but Phoebs is one good lookin' {and healthy} pug. Usually by 10 yrs old, most pugs are overweight giant lumps that can't breath. Not our girl. She's perfect. Do you think dogs know or can sense when it's their birthday? We spoil our dogs to death, so on their actual birthday we don't treat them any differently. They get 547 treats a day smooches 24/7 from us. I couldn't imagine life without dogs!


Happy Birthday Phoebe! I have a big dingo bone for waiting for you when I get home. Miles gets a mini dingo for being a cute little brother. Sharing the love of course.


Typical day for Mr. Miles. This little dude plays hard, sleeps hard and snores hard!

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whirlwind weekend

Monday is here. Back to the grind! In no particular order, I spent serious qt w/ Stu, ran a 5K (came in #1 in my age group), went on a haunted hay ride, attended the Nordstrom Trend show, ate at Mac Grill, had amazing sushi and marvelous wine with great friends, and made a kick ass veggie chili. Ready to take on the week baby!!

What did you guys do this weekend?? 

Guess who turns 10 this week? October 27th to be exact. Look at our little girl? Isn't she fabulous?


My little bombinos


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here comes trouble

Phoebe and Miles are excited for Halloween!


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hug your pug... errr, dog


LogoSet-NDD smother your precious pooch with lots of hugs & kisses

We don't really need a "day" to love on our fur babies do we?



We can't forget about my sister's bulldog "Elle"


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a day in the life of our dogs

I had to post this of the monster dogs.

Phoebs & Miles have a rough life.

Play. Eat. Sleep.

Play. Eat. Sleep.

Play. Eat. Sleep.


Our fur babies. 

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i've got fall fevah!

Fall is quickly approaching, and I couldn't be happier! What really put me over the edge and in the mood was seeing all the Halloween decorations and CANDY out in stores over the weekend. Thank you Homegoods and Rite-Aid.

Things I LOVE about the FALL:

 And best of all, PUMPKIN ICE CREAM! The countdown has begun. Clearly, I'm not the only one excited for Uncle Dave's pumpkin ice cream! Check out for the official timer. We don't take this stuff lightly, haha!!

I can't wait for FALL!!!

CIMG2190  I took the following pic's at Valley Forge Park last fall. I love the way they came out. Enjoy!!


Now I'm REALLY ready for sweater weather. Valley Forge Park is gorgeous in the FALL. I can't wait to go back once it gets cooler. 

What do you love the most about FALL?

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post yoga

This morning I took my second yoga class ever. This was my first time @ The Prancing Peacock. I have to say, it was nice. I feel super stretched out and a bit calmer. After the past couple of days I've had, yoga was exactly what I needed. I already signed up for the Monday night class :0)

After yoga-ing, I was desperate for a huge 32 oz cup of coke zero. I hardly ever drink soda, but today I was craving it! 

Five minutes later I found myself at Wawa with bananas in one hand, coke zero in the other. Now that I had my "sode for the rode" (total Stu-ism), it was time to hit the post office and pick up my new blingin' PO box keys! Why am I so excited about this? Who wants to be the first to send me something?? HAHA.

On the agenda today..pedi, mall, Target, clean house. Tomorrow- spin, facial, DATE DAY with Stu.

I really want to take Phoebs and Miles out for walk at one point, but it's so flippin' hot. Their little pug bodies can't handle this heat. Instead I am going to give them both baths followed by a cup each of Frosty Paws. They LOVE Frosty Paws.

Frosty paws
For those who care, I use TIGI's Pet Head shampoo. It smells like oatmeal! Delish!


Have a great day!


Would you be into a "mall vlog"?? Ya know, just of things I get?

Comment below.

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sleepy heads

Wahhhhhhh, the weekend is over. Hope you had a nice one. I slept in today, which means I'll have to work out later. Not a problem. I'm loving my precor. Yesterday I did 50 mns of the "cross training" program. Who knows what tonight will bring. I set my dvr up to record all new shows like Wendy Williams and Rachael Ray. It's all good.

After a fun weekend playing in the sun, Phoebs and Miles collapsed last night. They were tired.

IMG_1650  Miles could of stopped a freight train with his snores. This little guy was out of it.

Don't you love how Phoebe can't hardly fit in her bed. Somehow she makes it work. Gotta love our low maintenance dogs.

I got a new purse. Tell ya more about that later :0)


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rain and photo op time

Amen to rain! My flowers and shrubs are elated!



Phoebe and Miles hate the rain, so instead we had a little photo op session.

here's our little lady. I can't believe she'll be 10 in October!

Miles is only 3.5, but he looks like a grumpy 75 y/o old man


check out her tongue. Sexy.

Miles has bran flake crumbs on his face. He's a big fan of dry cereal.

Phoebe's patiently waiting for a treat

Miles wants more cereal

Hope you have a great Sat!

Off to get my hair did.

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