You know me and my un-dying love for uggs. As I was running the Philly half yesterday, I noticed a few cheering fans wearing these Ugg baily button boots. How cute are they?  All I could focus on was getting through the race, going home and ordering them. Done and done. They shipped out today :0)

Fyi, I got the tall chestnut pair. I can't wait to shove my cankles into these babies.


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pwp is next fri!

I hope you come!! Deats on


The Philly "Meet & Eat" is still a go! It'll be on Saturday, November 20th. Location tba soon!

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hoodie is the new snuggie

Do you have a favorite hoodie? Mine is this A&F one I bought 3 years ago in Cape Cod. I love it. I'm not much of a "red" person, but for some reason I love this hoodie. It's so heavy and thick. Who needs a snuggie when you have this super insulated hoodie? Today is the perfect day to bundle up and dress warm. I feel a hot toddy coming on, lol.

Photo 89

Photo 83

What's everyone up today today? Tonight? This weekend? I woke up this morning and decided I was taking the day off from working out. After an elliptical and spin sesh yesterday, my legs need a rest day. Fine with me. I'm hyped that we "fall" back this weekend. Sucks that it'll be pitch black by 5:30,'ll be bright by 5:45am which means I can finally get back to my morning runs!

Time for lunch- more late-ah.

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Have you joined? What are you waiting for?? Best. Site. Ever.

Oh, and it's FREE to join! Go to and sign up baby!

Carlota from was in town and swung by the station to chit chat about their amazing site. AS a matter of fact, thanks to, I just bought my first pair of Rock & Republic jeans. They retail for $208, but thanks to, I got them for $89!! All the major, and by major, I mean, 50-75% off serious designer swagg goes on sale every day at 11am. Perf! Sign up and start shopping ladies!! :0)

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girls night out

Tonight I'm attending my very first Shecky's Night Out.

I'm gonna scope out the scene and hopefully meet some new vendors/clients that would be into doing my PWP event next month. That's the goal. Shecky's GNO runs tonight-Saturday night. You can still get tix for the Saturday night event HERE.

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bangin' boots

I can't wait to wear my new Kelsi Fagger Fortune shoes. Some site have these boots priced at $120. Screw that. I found them for $104 with free overnight shipping. That's more like it.



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flannel shirt throw down

Yo, it's a serious flannel shirt throw down in my closet right now.

I bought another one. I can't stop. I have a Target flannel problem. There I typed said it.

Cute riiight? I feel like a Harvest wreath. 

$14.99 well spent!


PS-Target already has Christmas lights and some decorations up. I can't even........


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best skinnies ever

I am absolutely head over heels in LOVE with these American Eagle skinny jeans! I'm going back this weekend to grab a black pair! They are super stretchy and wicked comfy. Truth be told, this is the third day in a row I'm wearing them, hahahaa!!!

For my fellow petite ladies: AE doesn't sell these skinnies in "ankle" lengths, however one of the benefits of skinny jeans is that they bunch at the ankle and don't look bad {when you're short like me}. I just tucked under the bottoms and they look perfecto!! All good {in da hood.}


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fall fashion trends

Jess, my fellow listener, runner, and blogger bud put together THIS stellar list of FALL FASHIONS! Good work Jess!

As far as fall fashion goes for me; I'll be in- My uggs, leggings {& jeggings}, hoodies and flannels. I like to call this particular look "hobo chic."

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fashion's night out {re-cap}

Last night I attended King of Prussia's "Fashion Night Out" and it was everything I expected and then some. I met up with my fellow radio gals Nicole, GN and Joey. We had a blast. What a great way to kick off the FALL season.

Who needs football when you've got fashion????

Nicole and I


GN- She should of been in the show, not watching it.


Look, it's Joey! She's rules the momma blogging world. 

And now, onto the fashion shizz-ow

The show was held outside of Bloomingdales in the court. It was packed {obviously.}





Now that we've got the FNO behind us, the next big event to look forward to is the Nordstrom Trend show {on 10/23!!}

Tickets are still available. How do I know this? Because I bought more last night. Call Nordies at 610-265-6111 asap. They'll even mail the tix strait to ya. Can't get much easier than that! When you call, ask for Amanda Sinon in cosmetics. She's a doll. I'm telling ya {like I do every year}, if you're a product whore junkie and live for make-up, this is a MUST see event. Trust your girl.

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