getting married?

Longest. Week. Ever.

Why is it that when my schedule is booked every day throughout the week, the days go by so slow? Shouldn't it be the opposite? It needs to be Friday already.

Tonight I'm hosting a huge Bridal Soiree! Yay for new brides!! If you live in North Jersey, and are getting married, you should definitely stop by. There's going to be tons of stuff going on. Everything and anything you need to know about planning the perfect wedding will be here! The goal of this event is to raise money for Wish Upon A Wedding-NJ. General admission is only $10 and VIP tix will be sold for $40 which will include a fab gift bag. Sounds fun right? Hope to see you there.


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save the date for a great cause


Monday, December 13th @7pm

 Triumph Brewery in New Hope, PA

Oh joy! It's a holiday "tweet-up/tweet drive, " and for a great cause too. If you live in the area, come out and join my twitter buds @BucksHappening, @VisitBucksPA and @HolidayTweetDrive for a fun night of drinks, prizes and holiday music.

More about the Holiday Tweet Drive

The Holiday Tweet Drive is a nation-wide toy/clothing drive that will use social media to give back to children who are less fortunate and spread some Holiday cheer along the way.

We have some amazing events lined up in cities all across the country that will host each toy drive and allow attendees to enjoy a night of networking and holiday festivities. All of the updates and communication can be found through Twitter and we hope to stay true to the social nature of the “Tweet” Drive.

What makes our Tweet-Ups different then the rest is the admission fee. Rather than paying a small entrance fee, we only ask that you donate a NEW toy or NEW article of clothing. After that, please enjoy networking with our other attendees! Each donation will go to a local shelter or charity from each city.

We Hope you will join us at your city’s Tweet Drive Tweet Up, and assist us in giving back to children who are less fortunate all around the country. With that said, Happy Tweeting, Happy Networking, and most importantly, Happy Holidays from all of us involved with the Holiday Tweet Drive.

 Holiday tweet drives are happeing all over the country. AWESOME!!

To find one in your area, click here.

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bonks for biebs


I did some serious JUSTIN BIEBER reporting yesterday. It's a tough job, but someone's gotta do it. My station 923NOW was excited to be there and help out the Community Food Bank of NJ. It was a fantastic day as we raised close to 20,000 lbs. of food! Hoooray!! Thanks to everyone for coming out and showing your love.

Click HERE to watch my Katie Couric-esq reporting. I was very professional. Very.

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justin bieber and his huge ass glasses

Justin Bieber is the reason I have bags under my eyes today :)

As you guys know, after my radio show yesterday, I went to the Izopd center to interview all the screaming fans waiting in line to see their true love, Justin Bieber. We were collecting food to help out the Community Food Bank of NJ, so for every pound of food they brought, they got an extra raffle ticket for a  chance to meet Justin. The line was 2 miles long at 3:30! Can you imagine? Everyone had bags and bags of non-perishable items. it was quite the site. Two girls brought 950 lbs. of food.

950 lbs!!!!

Overall, we collected 20,000 lbs. of food for the food bank. It was an awesome day!!

In total, 24 screaming girls got to meet Justin. It was insane. What I loved the most about yesterday, was seeing all the dads with their daughters. It reminded me so much of me and my dad. He used to bring me to every concert when I was a kid. One dad told me this was his 8th Justin Bieber concert with his daughter. Dad of the year!

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great message!

Hi guys..Hope you're having a fab Friday :0)

Check out my good friend Nick's PSA for Dan Savage's "It Gets Better" campaign. It's not just gay kids that get teased. It could be anyone: short, tall, fat, skinny, etc. God didn't create the "perfect person." Let's stop with the bulling BS non-sense already!

I'm like a proud momma bear. I'm jealous that he's so great.

Professional and CUTE too!!


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whirlwind weekend

I'm now the proud owner of a MAC BOOK PRO!!! We went to KOP Friday night with one mission in mind: MAC BK PRO for me, iPhone 4 for Stu. I'm happy to report, we are both satisfied Apple customers.

Saturday I met my friend Angela {} at the NAC for an 8am spin class. Umm, yeah..didn't really work out because spin started at 7:30. How did we miss that?? Apparently, the first Saturday of every month, spin is 1.5! No thank you. We opted for an hour long elliptical sesh. The time flew as we talked our faces off. Following our chat fest, I met with Diana to work on getting my arms more cut with free weights. By 10am, this little lady was tired.

The rest of Saturday was kinda chill. Stu drove his mom home {she lives 2.5 hrs from us.} After a power nap, and pedicure, I found myself back at Target. Nothing like drinking starbs and tooling around Targs on a Saturday night. I'm a dork am I'm totally okay with that.

SUNDAY was the TRICK OR TREAT 5 Miler @ Tyler State Park. It was the most perfect day to run a race. Stu and Phoebs cheered me on.

Stats: 5.1 miles: 42:20

3rd in age group: women 30-39-----7th overall women----23rd overall race

Before the race I pointed out Stu and Phoebe to Vee!




Yes, those are pumpkin metals! How awesome?!

I'm quickly falling in LOVE with FALL races.

After the race, Stu, Phoebs and I went to Shadybrook Farm to pick pumpkins. If it wasn't 10:30 in the morning, I would of gotten a gallon cup of pumpkin ice cream. No worries though. We stopped by Einstein Bagels where I scooped up pumpkin bagels and pumpkin cream cheese!! There's def no lack of pumpkin at our house. 

After a crazy morning, Stu went to the Eagles game with our friend Eddie. I had a little photo shoot with Mike Landis later in the day, followed by a Starbs meet-up with Ang. The rest of the night was chill. We were in bed by 10pm. That was my weekend! How was yours??

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10K re-cap

So running a 10K could be my new "5K". Had a great run and kept my pace pretty consistent. I'll have my rank sometime this weekend. For now, here are the deets and my split times.

Mile 1: 8:39

Mile 2: 8:12

Mile 3: 8:12

Mile 4: 8:20

Mile 5: 8:33

Mile 6: 7:55

Total time: 52:14 at an average pace of 8:16

I felt great throughout this run {thanks to my epic play list.}. Looking forward to the next 10K.

Nic and I right before the run.

Look, it's my friend Vee!

I'm done!! Weeeee!!!!!

We're never too tired for a photo shoot. Never ever.



The route. It was a lovely one at that.

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miracle treat day at dq


Dairy Queen's "Blizzard of the Month" flavor for August is Oreo Brownie Earthquake. Yum. AND, did you know that today is Miracle Treat Day at DQ?? Buy a blizzard and $1 or more of your purchase will benefit a local children's miracle network hospital. What more of a reason do you need NOW??? Two words. MINI. BLIZZARD.


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post spin

Spinning was grand! I can't believe I did it. YAY! Kathy, the instructor was awesome. She helped get my bike situation under control. I had the seat down too low....haha. There was such energy in the class. The time sped by (no pun intended). Before I knew it, the clock said 6:50 and we were cooling off. The one thing that totally grosses me out is seeing someone's sweat drippings on the floor. Ugh, I can't take it. The two men in front of me were pouring with sweat droplets and I had to keep looking away. NAST! I'm looking forward to taking another spin class on Sunday morning. Have I told you lately how much I LOVE the NAC? Zumba is @ 8am tomorrrow so I'll be hitting the sack soon. 

TGFN (Thank God for NAC).

Are you watching the telethon? Taylor Swift, Cold Play, Christina and Beyonce were fan-freakin-tastic. Twas nice to see JT for once too. I loved the song he sang. Why does Madonna always look like she's struggling to hit certain notes? Ummm, and there's not one wrinkle on her face. Botox is working for ya Madge. 

PS- When did Jennifer Hudson get so thin? Damn, she looks HOT!!! I LOVE watching all these performances. 

I just made my Haitian donation, did you?? No celeb up on that big panel took my call though. Rats. 

1-877-99-HAITI Or go to

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tunnel 2 towers run

My friend John is doing the "Tunnel To Towers Run" this Sunday, so I've decided last minute to register. Since my radio station is here in NYC, I can't think of a more fitting run to participate in. All the money raised/donated is going towards the Stephen Siller "Let Us Do Good" Children's Foundation. I'm pumped, and feel so honored to be a part of this amazing event!

Click here for more details. Would LOVE to run this with you!!!


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