gucci got me

My new perfume is...

Gucci "Guilty"


And thanks to Anita at Macy's, I got sucked into buying the gift set for $95.

The medium bottle is $75 and the large bottle is $95 so at least with the gift set, I got the large bottle, body lotion and atomizer spray for the same price as one single bottle. Definitely give this a try next time you're at the beauty counter. It was worth the wait.

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latest obsession

My latest obsession? Korres lip balm is in "Wild Rose". It's the most perfect shade of red for us fair skinned ladies. And it's only $10. Merry Christmas :0)


Photo 92 I've been wearing it non-stop since Friday. I discovered it at Sephora {literally 45 mns before the doors were opening for my pwp event.} I'm obsessed.

I wore it like nobody's business FRIDAY night and got tons of compliments. You know me, I never wear red. I'm a nude/pink kind of gal. Wild Rose has changed the game.

"Wild Rose" is a totes rockin' stocking stuffer if you ask me. I'm a fan.

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The new line from O.P.I.

Me likey.


PS: I have no desire to see the movie. Looks DUMB.

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Christmas is everywhere!!!

Thank you Macy's for decorating early and putting me in a spectacular mood!! I had a great afternoon with myself. With Mariah blasting on my iPod, I happily galavanted throughout Macy's sipping on a latte and just feeling happy. I got a new gloss at Dior bc I felt like it. Whooofc. I'm digging the sheer pink color. Ironically, it's called "pink flirt." Shout out to Dior for making their gloss tubes bigger and not raising the price. Dior and Chanel are my top favorites when it comes to glosses. They don't smell and aren't sticky. Well that was a random rant.. I'll zip it now.

Have a great night!

Christmas is everywhere!!!

Christmas is everywhere!!!

Christmas is everywhere!!!

Christmas is everywhere!!!

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get the sephora hook up

I never need a reason to shop, but 20% off?? Hook me up. Thank you SEPHORA!


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longest post ever..hand is cramping

As you know, this past Saturday was the Nordstrom Trend show. My alarm went off at 6am and I was out the door by 630 to pick up my girls. Ugh, rough getting up. It was cold out. I got to Danielle's at 645 and all three of us mocked 8 to KOP. We got there around 7:20 and already crazy women were in and seated. We scurried past the coffee/breakfast table in a mad panic to grab the closest seats possible. Third row. Not bad. Okay, time for breakfast. Two mini scones, and a warm coffee later, let's get this show started. If you went, was it just me or did the show run wicked long {2 hours}, AND didn't it get a little awkward when Jules kept calling out the cosmetic brand reps on the "amount of xxx they had left". Case in point: the Lancome chick {"Drama Queen" with the tiara?} How uncomfortable was that? The highligh of the show for me was my big win. They pulled my name for the Phyto basket. I never win anything, ever, so that was a momentous moment, haha. After the 12 two hour trend show, it was time to get our make-up done at Bobbi Brown. Dan and Ang's make-up looked phenom. I liked my make-up too, but didn't end up buying anything because I have a lot of the products she used. PS-I'm still obsessed with the gel eye liners and the no smudge mascara. Nothing new there.

After we got our make-up done, we hit the food court hard. We were starving. Following lunch we headed over to David Yurman. Shout out to Eddie for helping us out. Speaking of DY. Here's a pic of the necklace Stu got me for our anniversary. I realize you're seeing it backwards. Sorry.

Photo 60

Anyway, the whole weekend was awesome. Fri night Stu and I had a delish din at Macoroni Grill. They re-vamped their menu and it's a million times better. Finally, fish on the menu! Score. After din, we went to Sonic for a route 44 diet cherry limeade. So good! We needed to be well hydrated for our hilarious jaunt into Walmart. Yes, that is how we spent our Friday night; at Ross and Walmart. Loved every second, because we were together. Truth be told, the whole reason why I even wanted to go to Walmart was to get Jillian Michaels' new protein shakes. Two footballs, a Britney cd, dingo bones and a 4 pack of shakes later, we were outty 5,000.

Saturday, was the trend show. Ang, did a way better review of it than I did, so check out her post HERE.

Saturday afternoon, I cleaned the house, planted 4 mums, tried to take a nap {never happened} and THEN...drum roll was time for dinner at Oishi! More time spent with Ang and Dan, but this time all the husbands came along, as well as our friends' Eddie and Michelle. Holy YUMMMM! I had two glasses of Rielsing, and I was good to go. HAHA. After din, we went to Shadybrook Farm and had the best time on their haunted hayride. Post hayride Stu and I shared a cuppa hot chocolate. The only thing missing was a gob of marshmallow fluff on the top.

Sunday morning, we were up bright in early for the Mr. O'Connor 5K. The goal {like every week} was to set a new pr. I missed it by 1 second, litereally.  My best pr for running a 5K is 22:19. I hit 22:20 this time. Doh! The good news?? I was #1 in my age group! Gimme my metal. I've become slightly infatuated with winning and collecting metals lately, haha. Guess I really am turning into a " true runner." My next two halves are quickly approaching, yikes!! November 14th, my sis and I are running in the Fatman cup Chilli half {in Boston} and November 21st is the Philly half.

This weekend we're off to Miami for a wedding. Congrats to Eddie and Michelle.

And now my hand is about to fall off from typing my face off. Sorry this post is 13 miles long.

Have a marvelous Monday :0)

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whirlwind weekend

Monday is here. Back to the grind! In no particular order, I spent serious qt w/ Stu, ran a 5K (came in #1 in my age group), went on a haunted hay ride, attended the Nordstrom Trend show, ate at Mac Grill, had amazing sushi and marvelous wine with great friends, and made a kick ass veggie chili. Ready to take on the week baby!!

What did you guys do this weekend?? 

Guess who turns 10 this week? October 27th to be exact. Look at our little girl? Isn't she fabulous?


My little bombinos


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"trend" or "treat"

Ahh, the weekend is upon us! Amen. How is everyone doing?? TGIF!

I added water to my yogurt bomb bowl today and it wasn't as good. I'll never do that again. Way to watery.

I decided to save my run for later. It's so beautiful out, why not take advantage of the Autumn awesomeness when I can actually see the trees {and road?} How could you not love this season?? It's a runner's dream.

We're laying low tonight. Tomorrow morning is the big Nordstrom Trend show and seeing that I have to get up at the crack, I want to be in bed early tonight. Tomorrow night however will be a different story. We're getting together with Eddie and Michelle and doing the whole Shadybrook Farm Halloween Horror nights thing. I live for their corn maze and haunted hayride.


Sunday morning I'm running a 5K at the Garden of Reflection. Pretty cool.

Still deciding what we're gonna make for slow cooker Sunday. Stu's been jonsing for a big pot of veggie chili so that's probably what we'll go with.

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countdown to trend show!

I can't believe the Nordstom Trend show is this Saturday!! Ahhh, I'm so pumped! Danielle and Angela are coming and they're just as excited. The show starts at 8am and doors open at 7am. Guess what time I'm picking Ang and Dan up? 6:30am!! We have a game plan that we need to stick to. Front row seats are on the line here. When it comes to beauty events, we don't mess around. After the show wraps up, all three of us are getting our make-up done at Bobbi Brown.

Who else is coming to the trend show??

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sephora haul

Happy weekend! A full re-cap of Nick's birthday party is coming!! In the meantime, check out my latest sephora vlog. I hope you likey ;0)

Enjoy this beautiful Saturday-

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