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Happy Friday!

Let the weekend begin! I'm going to CT tomorrow to visit my fam and Madison besties. I can't wait. I'm meeting Nicole's new baby, Corbin for the first time. Oh, Lord, I expect that after 22 seconds, I'll be in full fledge baby mode. After visiting Nic and Corb, mom and I have some business to tend to.

It's very important business. It's top secret. Okay, no it's not. In fact, we bring some serious unwanted attention to ourselves.

My mom and I are gearing up for our 3rd Annual Christmas TARGET raid!! Remember our epic trip from last year??

Biggest. Wreath. Ever.



I've put off going to Target all week because I don't want to be tempted or get excited about Christmas decorations UNTIL TOMORROW!!! We're gonna go nuts!

Do you have a fun tradition that you do with your mom?

My mom is so cute. She'll go along with anything. We cheese it up big time when it comes to our CHRISTMAS TARGET RAID. Pic's will be up Sunday night.

We were so sad to see all the holiday decorations, lights and trees disappear from Target last year. This was taken a few days after Christmas. So sad. I don't even want to think about it.

Have a fab weekend. Back Sunday for a recap.

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we're having a baby!!

Not me silly, my radio bud NICK CANNON and his wifey Mariah Carey. Nick confirmed it today on 923NOW!

Access Hollywood is airing a 3 part series on Nick and Mariah's story starting tonight at 7:30 on NBC.

Mariah will be on the air with us tomorrow morning taking your calls and questions {and congratulatory wishes.} Listen LIVE on, text us @ 69-923 or call 888-923-0923

Mariah needs to be sending me some of her baby dust, haha.

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seeing this!

I can't wait to see "The Switch" this weekend. Stu loves Jason Bateman, and I want Jennifer Aniston's hair.

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shut it gisele

Wow, Gisele has really pissed off a lot of momma's out there. She told Harper's Bizaar UK {on newsstands today} some of her thoughts on breastfeeding.

“Some people here think they don’t have to breastfeed, and I think, ‘Are you going to give chemical food to your child

, when they are so little?’ There should be a worldwide law, in my opinion, that mothers should breastfeed their babies for six months.”

Wait it get's better. After gaining and then losing 30 lbs almost instantly, our girl Gisele credits losing those pesky pounds to yoga and the martial arts.

“I did kung fu up until two weeks before Benjamin was born, and yoga three days a week,” she pontificated to Vogue in April.

She's not done yet.......

“I think a lot of people get pregnant and decide they can turn into garbage disposals. I was mindful about what I ate, and I gained only 30 pounds.”

Click here to read the entire article.

What do you think about her ridiculous statements??


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baby got back

Happy Monday!

Torro sent me this vid and it's friggin' hilarious. This kid stole half my moves!

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new momma's read this!

This is a PSA for all my friends (and you) who just had a baby. Tracy Anderson is coming out with a POST PREGNANCY work out dvd!! When (and if) I ever have a kid, my plan is to be as healthy and fit as possible throughout my pregnancy. I love working out, so keeping that in check won't be a prob. That being said, we all know a few unwanted lbs are inevitable. I was psyched to read that Gwyneth Paltrow's trainer Tracy Anderson is coming out with a NEW DVD just for new mommas!! Yay!! It'll be in stores July 19th!


"After my first pregnancy, the weight had come off a little bit better but after the second one it was really stubborn. It was really hanging on. It was not easy," Paltrow says of Moses' birth in 2006. "But I really was seeing results so it motivated me to just work through it."

-Gwyneth Paltrow

look at those gams..haha.

Click here to read the rest of the article.

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it's a girl for bethenny

Congrats to Bethenny Frankel. She gave birth to a baby GIRL "Bryn" yesterday at 8am in NYC. I like Bryn as a name. I went to school with two Bryn's. A Bryn Morgan (guy) and a Bryn Goodwin (girl). 


Speaking of names, Isabella and Jacob are apparently the top two baby names for 2010. Emma was the hot name for 2009, but because of all the damn TWILGHT movies, Isabella HAD to be #1 for 2010. This is annoying on so many levels. I won't hate on Jacob, because this name has been #1 for the past 11 years. But really TWILGHT fans??? REALLY?????

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i really love this show!!!!!!

I'm just sitting here catching up on past episodes of Giuliana and Bill. Can I just tell you how much I LOVE their show? It is so fantastic. The more I watch, the more I fall in love these two. I think maybe it's because I see so much of me and Stu in G and B. I feel as though I'm watching my own life play out right in front of my eyes when I watch these episodes, ie; planning for a baby, career, etc. This show has become is one of my favorites. Watch one episode and you'll get hooked too.

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winding down...

This is how my weekend felt.....



What a great weekend. Friday night Stu's car decided to die on us. Good for me, bad for Stu-ball. The deal was that if his car crapped out on him one more time, we would 86 it, and get a MINI. You know where we'll be next Saturday (Hello BMW dealership).

Saturday morning I got up bright and early, shoved my face with a pb smothered bagel, and went to Zumba.

Saturday afternoon we went down to DC for the CPAC convention. Met up with one of my best friends from middle school (Mark) and his adorable gf, Erika. We tooled around DC for a bit, and then joined our other friend's Kane and his wife Natasha for din din. It was a lovely evening triple date style. We met at Spices, and ate our faces off with sushi and all that wonderfulness that is Asian food. After I threw myself into a food coma, we went back to Mark and Erika's and passed out.

Sunday: Mark and Erika dropped us off at Union Station and we grabbed the 10:20am train back. We got into Trenton by 12:40, and from there hauled ass strait to "Charcoal Steaks & Things". We were hangry and it was time to embark on a big and bountiful lunch. We both got veggie egg-white omelets with a side of sweet potato fries. One word. Heavenly. I'm talking about the fries of course. I will be dreaming of those blissful little bites of sweet potato wonderfulness tonight. I'm pretty sure of that.

How delish do those fries look?

After lunch, we came home and were greeted by our adorable monster dogs. They missed us and we missed them. We took Phoebs and Miles for a long walk around the hood. Of course of all days to not put their cute puffer coats on, we ran into 64 neighbors. I wanted to show my dogs off damn it!! Maybe tomorrow?

We settled in for a bit after our walk, and then I decided that it was time to hit the road for a runny run. I strapped on my garmin, ipod, sunglasses and headed out. I had planned on doing 8 miles, but wimped out and only did 6.5. I better get my ass in gear seeing that I have a 5K coming up next month, followed by a half (my first ever) in April, then a week after that, the Broad Street run (10 miles). Good Lord, God help me.

Post run I had an apple with cinnamon. Dinner didn't compare to the amazing lunch I had. I munched on 3 gg crackers with laughing cow cheese and hummus, followed by a veggie burg. Dessert was a piece of chocolate, and a bite of Stu's chocolate chip cookie. I stole a piece when he wasn't looking.

I'm about to take a long bath. So long that I plan on looking like a gigantic prune when I get out.

I'm excited because next Monday is my endocrinologist appointment. I can't wait to find out what's going one with me. I can feel the baby bug coming on again ;0) Speaking of babies, check out Nat's blog. She is so creative and crafty. You momma's will love her site!

How was your weekend? What fun things did you do? Today was gorgeous out. No doubt I have spring fever!

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baby news!!!!

No, this has nothing to do with me.

My fellow blogger friend Kelly is having a GIRL!! She just found out and emailed the news. WOOOOO HOOOOOOO!!!!! Congrats!!!!

Go to her blog and see all the ultra-sound pics. How exciting. So happy for you Kell!! I just shouted you out on 923 NOW!

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