hi friend!

Hey LP! Just wanted to tell you how much I love listening to you and how I adore your quirkiness! Every time you tell callers to call in I pick up my phone and want to but then realize there must be SO many other callers doing the same..poo! I just started following you on twitter. Hopefully I can make it to your next event :) Check out my site if you have time. I'd love collaborate with you! OH!! AND, since you love food like me, you HAVE to try the Mariani cranberry bar if you haven't yet. I saw it at a drug store across from caroline's so they must have it at other stores too!



Thank you so much for the LOVE. You take amazing picture's. I love the "early morning" series. LADIES, CHECK OUT ELIZABETHSARAH.COM

Good stuff!!

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somebody's excited :0)

Hey Lisa-

It's Lisa from NJ. Huge fan and I know you love finding new low calorie food and so do I. So get this. The lady I work for is on this new diet from "Medi Clinic" its not the Medi Fast, it's different. She goes to this medical place and they give her b12 shots and weigh her. In 2 months she lost 40lbs and looks so much happier so she keeps updating me on all the cool low carb low calorie food she's been finding. She gave me a little zip-lock bag of her newest obsession...powdered peanut butter. You mix two tablespoons powder with one tablespoon water and its effing AMAZING. I put it in my protein shake after a work out...omg...holy peanuts, it's fabulous. I saved like 160 calories right there..oh, and it comes in chocolate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

45 calories. 4g protein. 1g sugar. no fat.

You HAVE to try this.


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veg ideas

Hi Lisa, Just checked your website, as I do daily, and I’m so glad to see you had a great weekend!  I have a general question about some foods, I guess in better words, “your husbands food finds” to be exact!  I want to start going meat-less with my diet, however, I was wondering about some great food ideas!  I know your husband is vegetarian, and I was wondering where you find ideas for daily meals (lunch & dinner) for him, and maybe where he might find his own ideas.  I know of basic stuff like salad and such – but salads get awful boring to me after awhile!  I’m afraid to buy the packaged vegetarian foods in the freezer section, as I’ve bought some before and it was a complete waste because it was not the tastiest stuff.  I would rather get someone’s opinion before I buy a whole box of stuff!  If you could help, I’d really appreciate it! Thank you so much – I hope you have a great week and I can’t wait for the long weekend ahead either! Yay!

-Cecelia Powers

Hiiii Cecelia-

Stu eats a lot Morningstar farm stuff. We love the chicken grillers, patties, turkey burgers, soy nuggets and wings. We'll usually nuke up a couple of patties and add salsa, guacamole, grilled peppers and onions, etc to them. We also like the flat out wraps (or LaTortilla Factory low carb wraps) to make pizzas. Just add sauce, low fat cheese and veggies. Bake @ 350 for 10 mns. So good. I've been making Stu a great bean salad with chick peas, kidney beans, crumbled feta and balsamic dressing. He LOVES that. Good source of protein too. We do a lot of soy dogs, salads, whole wheat pasta, etc. If I think of any more eats, I'll email ya!Hope this helps a little-Lisa

ANY other ideas you guys have for Cecelia, comment below! Thanks dolls!

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save the pretty


I was just in Cherry Hill Mall, and though what the heck, let me just check Macy's, they have Chanel BIKINI PEACH!!!!!! I got one and I love it! They had a few more so get there girl!!!!



Hooray! I guess the Macy's around me aren't cool enough to carry this GORGEOUS color.

Enjoy it.

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i apparently have...


Nice. Sounds so athletic and professional.

Shout out to Melissa. This was the email I received from her a few days ago. She's a newbie half marathoner too!!

Hey Lisa!!!!

I couldn't help but to write to you. So I am a HUGE follower of yours via your blog! Believe it or not I was at the country music marathon in TN this past weekend too! I'm from PA and I went with my friends from Delaware!! We never met before and where ever I was down there I looked for you and Stu, sis/bf, but came up short. I guess considering there were thousands upon thousands of people there that was a shot in the dark! So I write to you because you can not stop talking about the run and I'm soo the same way! That was my first half marathon and the most I ran before this was 8 miles. But this was def. the best experience ever. I absolutely loved how there were lots of people cheering you on combined with all the bands!!! That all made the race seem painless! And I must saying crossing the finish line gave me goosebumps. One of the guys I went with is a marathon runner and I told him how I just want to run in all these races now and he said I have what they call "runners fever" so I think it's safe to say you have it too, haha. Looking at the brochure that came in the goody bag with all the other rock n roll marathons just makes me sooo excited- I just want to goo to them all!!!! Oh also I am a manager at a shoe store and I love your shoe of choice the lunar glides and lunar elites!! Take care and happy running!!!  


The countdown to Broad St is on! Only 3 days left. I can't wait to run this with my sister, Liv, Lori and Nicole.
Oh, and the carb loading, I can't wait for that either. We're gonna do serious damage at La Stalla in Newtown Saturday night. Pass me another slice of bread please :0)

If our stories don't inspire you, maybe this will.


I got my Lunarglides yesterday. They are fabulous!


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new find per Eileen

Hello Lisa,

I found this site on self mag’s website … . its pretty cool  they are already measured containers for you food kind of reminded me of the measure up bowls you talked about on your site!  Let me know what you think!!  Have a great week! 



Nice work Eileen. These are great.

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puppy help

Hey Paige-I am a devout reader of your blog and love Phoebe and Miles. We just got a golden retriever and he whines all night long.  Did you have this problem and if so, what methods did you use?
I need all the advice I can get-I am a newbie dog owner and hubby is not very happy about the whining :(

Julie M. Martin

Hi Julie-Congrats on your new puppy. I know exactly how you feel. When we first got Phoebe we were a little overwhelmed ourselves. The key is to keep your dog in his crate and don't feel bad putting him in your basement if you have to. He'll have to learn how to deal with being left alone. If you don't hear the whining, crying and begging every night, you won't feel as bad. Since Phoebe is the queen bee around here, she sleeps with us, but Miles absolutely LOVES his crate. He happily goes in (because he knows he'll get a treat). In the morning when I go downstairs to let him out, it sometimes takes him a few minutes to emerge from his crate. He stretches, yawns, and takes his time. We made his crate super comfy with pillows and a down blanket. I don't blame him for not wanting to come out right away. Hopefully this helps. Your dog will eventually get over it. Golden's are the best. I grew up with them. Best breeds around (besides pugs of course).

Good luck!


If anyone else has puppy advise for Julie, comment below. THANKS GUYS!!

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milk in a keurig?

I am finally catching up on your blog after a move and internet down. I'm an avid reader and was super-glad to see you finally found true love: Keurig. I started my love affair with it last summer. The first day I had it I woke up waaay early just so I could try it out. Ha!
Anyway, my husband is not a coffee drinker but loves the hot chocolate k-cups. He's dying to try it with milk instead of water. I'm kinda scared to put milk in it though....have you tried that? Do you know if you can use milk instead of water to fill it up (for hot chocolate)??

Hi Summer-

That's a good question. I personally wouldn't do it, but I'm sure it's okay. Something about running milk through that machine doesn't sound appealing to me. Kinda gross actually. He might just have to do it the old fashion way, and dare I say, break out a powdered packet??!!

Who runs milk through their keurig???? Summer wants to know. Comment below. Thanks guys!


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the keurig is consuming my life (in a good way)

"We got a Keurig"!!!!

-my friend Danielle via text message

I got her text Saturday afternoon with the big news! Looks like Dan isn't the only one on the Keurig bandwagon.

Hey Lisa,
just wanted to thank you for recommending the keurig my husband surprised me and got one for me today. The model I have makes iced coffee as well I already have purchased your favorite flavors to try I can't wait. I love your site.
Thanks again

Dear Lisa,
I think your enthusiasm for coffee and sugar free treats are so catchy! It's Amy from MN again.............
So, I thought about one and finally got a Keurig last Friday after work, can I say, love it!
I'm a 2 cup a morning coffee drinker, it is so fun to use this technical creation! I had 3 cups of coffee Saturday morning...........! Today I ordered some more k-cups online, so I'm officially addicted.........I got the red Keurig mini, just wanted to share!
Have a great week,
Amy K.
Hi ladies!! Congrats on your new Keurig. It's so fabulous. I want to marry it! Rea-I believe mine does make iced coffee. It's the same model my sister has and she makes iced coffee with it all the time. If yours looks like mine, than I guess that answers your question. What's your favorite flavored k cup? I LOVE glazed chocolate donut. YUMMMM!! Isn't she so pretty? I love Kerry, and yes, I name my appliances.


my favorite flavor (so far) is glazed chocolate donut. LOVE.


I like variety


If you'd like to be part of our elite "K club", get your Keurig now. It is life changing!!

Keurig B60 Coffee Maker, Single Serve

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help for our bride to be

Ladies, Dana needs our help!! Read below. Any suggestions????


I need some help asap!!!! I am getting married this Saturday, January 16th. I am sooo excited. I am having my makeup done at Nordstrom in KOP. Diane from smashbox is awesome and she is going to be doing my makeup and my moms and I am going to make small haha large purchase while I am there on new makeup for my honeymoon and there after for the season. But here is my dilemma...I cannot find a lotion/body mist/perfume to wear on my wedding day. I have tried so many different stores and perfumes and bath and body works etc and I cannot find that perfect scent for my special day...Any ideas? I hope you can recommend something I want to go out and buy something tonight or this week...thanks so much.

♥ xoxo Dana

Congrats Dana!! How exciting. I love a good wedding. As far as perfume goes, I'm not devoted to one particular scent. I switch mine up a lot. Lately I've been back and forth between Tom Ford's Black Orchid and D&G Light Blue. I also really like Coco Chanel's Modemoiselle too. It's feminine and classic. If I were you, I'd hit Ulta, Sephora, Macy's, any place that sells perfume, and start sniffin'. Don't forget the lotion either. It's all about layering for serious staying power! I'm sure you'll get some great leads from my reader's suggestions. They're awesome at giving advise! Keep us updated on what you decide.

Here comes the bride, all dressed white (in my case it was ivory)...teee heee ;0)

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