July 2010

franklin lakes!

We're off to Franklin Lakes!!!

Hoping to meet up with @LaurenManzo at one point. We're documenting this road trip. Check back later tonight or tomorrow {prob tomorrow} for our re-cap.


Places we're definitely going-

I got home at 2am last night this morning. I haven't been out that late in a long time. It was my friend Nicole's 30th birthday party, so we celebrated!! They had it at some bar in Old City. So fun, but I'm so tired. If we weren't going up to Franklin Lakes today, I'd be sleeping in BIG TIME right now. HAHA.

Have a great day!!

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oh lord. rant time

I may have had a glass of Riesling before I hit record. Just sayin'..

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fist pumping 101

Nikki showed me how the to be a real true fist pumper... "Jersey Shore" style baby!

Speaking of the JS. Did you watch it last night? They're a hot dirty mess. Makes me love that stupid show even more. If you missed it, don't worry MTV will re-run it  back 12,653 times this weekend.

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enough already!

So what if Chelsea Clinton is getting married. WHO FRIGGIN' CARES???!!! I feel so bad for the republicans residents of Rhinebeck, NY who have to deal with all the insanity. You poor poor people.

The media is driving me crazy with all their over-hyped coverage of Chelsea Clinton's damn wedding. REALLY???????

A no fly zone between 3pm tomorrow-3:30am Sunday. Really?

No one has cared talked about Chelsea in years, why the sudden obsession?? Seriously, why?? It's not like she even did interviews or put herself out there a whole lot to begin with. This is worse than when Tom and Katie got married (or at least a close second). Can Access Hollywood resume back to their regularly scheduled programming? Let Katie Couric cover this story, not Billy Bush that's all I'm saying.

PS- for the record, when Jenna Bush got married, I felt the same exact way. I couldn't care less!!!! It's just not that big of a deal to me.

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This is what perfection looks and sounds like.

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mike posner everybody

Omg, I'm gonna kill Christian, our video editor for this one!

I'm so embarrassed. WATCH THIS NOW.

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more food awards!

Hoooray for another fun food list!

Fitness magazine went through all our favorite snacks and narrowed it down to only the best of the best baby!

Ta da......... take a gander at the 2010 HEALTHY FOOD AWARDS.

I love food.

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fancy nights review

Ugh, you have no idea how much it pains me to say this, but I'm not in love with Jessica Simpson's "Fancy Nights". As soon as I got off the air, I went strait down to Macy's on 34th (w/ the intension of buying s bottle). I practically pushed two chicks outta my way so I could get a hold of that gorgeous green bottle. The anticipation was killing me!! I sprayed it, and immediately did not love. I was so disappointed. Meanwhile the pushy girl at the counter was trying to sell me on it. I was about to punch her lights out. Stop already woman! Just stop. Macy's needs to knock it off with their over-bearing cosmetic counter employees. They are too much! Okay sorry, back to the perfume...One thing I can say is that it's called "Fancy Nights" for a reason. The scent is super musky and quite heavy. Definitely not for day wear ( at least not for me). I suppose my mind could be changed if or when revisit this scent at another time. Maybe I need to let it wear on me for a while. It doesn't smell as potent as it first did when I sprayed it. We'll see. I didn't buy the bottle. Sucks, bc I really truly wanted to get it. Both Fancy & Fancy Love are two of my favorite perfumes. Booo!!!
Have you smelled Fancy Nights yet? Thoughts??

Hope you found this review helpful.

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finally fancy nights!

It's here, it's here!! I'm going to MACY'S ASAP to get my bottle of Jessica Simpson's "Fancy Nights".


Speaking of Jessica, what is all this hype about her being a judge on America Idol???!!! I have to admit, I'd probably watch if she was on. You know me and my love for JS! What do you think?

Who do you think should replace Simon???

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vote for joe bucci!

Please help my good friend {and amazing jeweler}, JOE BUCCI win for BEST JEWELER in Philly!

I don't even know why they're holding this contest. It's a no brain-er that Joe would win. Just in case, let's start voting so he can get a cute plaque or something to hang in his store. Ya know, for validity.

Help JOE win PHILLY'S HOT LIST for the BEST JEWELER!!! Don't believe me? Check out his work at BUCCIJEWELERS.COM

Amazeballs right??

CLICK HERE TO VOTE!!!!!! Pretend this is American Idol and VOTE until your fingers fall off. Mom, are you reading this???

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