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5am wake up.

Morning my friends!!

I'm up super early-5am, watching the news and learning all about "snow drifting". The one thing that blows (no pun intended) about being in radio (the media in general), is that on snowy days like today, we still have to make it in. While most of my friends who work in a office get to "work" lounge at home, Stu and I have to suck it up and report to work. I'm not complaining, just saying. We're taking the early train into NY today. I'm okay with this minor adjustment to my schedule because I love when we can go in together.

Click HERE for more weather and NEWS.

We're going to the John Mayer concert tonight, so between getting in at the ass crack and staying until after the concert (maybe 11 is?), this is going to be one hell of a long day. Oy! Looks like I'll be skipping my 8am spin class tomorrow. I don't see me getting up that early after today. Perhaps the 10am class??

My Keurig just turned on, which means it's time to brew up a cup of joe. What flavor should I have...Blueberry, cappuccino, mocha nut fudge??? Don't be fooled, I have like 166 16 more flavors in my Keurig coffee stash. HA!

Have a great day. Stay warm.

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Lisa, I'd trade places with you, especially since your going to see and hear John Mayer! Enjoy the day and try to sleep in tomorrow!


Yeah I feel you Lisa. Unfortunately I live in Jersey and work in Delaware. I have an a-hole boss so there is no staying home for me today! This ought to be a fun commute :-(


Delaware represent! Lol I got to come in 2 hours late and it was so nice to enjoy my delicious Wawa coffee in the comfort of my own home! I get to wear my jeans and uggs to work today too!!


Hey Lisa, The girl that did the f factor diet was on the View this morning.

Lisa Paige

Hi Lis-

I just watched. Love Tanya. And the gg crackers have 12 calories not 14 like she said..hahaha.


Hey you have it easy I'm a nurse and I have to work weather it snows, its the weekend or the holidays...and if I get to work and get snowed in I have to sleep there :-/

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