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milk in a keurig?

I am finally catching up on your blog after a move and internet down. I'm an avid reader and was super-glad to see you finally found true love: Keurig. I started my love affair with it last summer. The first day I had it I woke up waaay early just so I could try it out. Ha!
Anyway, my husband is not a coffee drinker but loves the hot chocolate k-cups. He's dying to try it with milk instead of water. I'm kinda scared to put milk in it though....have you tried that? Do you know if you can use milk instead of water to fill it up (for hot chocolate)??

Hi Summer-

That's a good question. I personally wouldn't do it, but I'm sure it's okay. Something about running milk through that machine doesn't sound appealing to me. Kinda gross actually. He might just have to do it the old fashion way, and dare I say, break out a powdered packet??!!

Who runs milk through their keurig???? Summer wants to know. Comment below. Thanks guys!


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You would have to clean it out, and run water through it-or run it a few times until the water was clear. The milk would sit in there and sour. Might be more trouble then it's worth


my keurig machine specifically says, water only.....im not sure if it would break or something....but regardless it sounds kind of icky to put milk through it....especially because it is an expensive coffee machine. I wouldn't risk it. maybe after he makes a cup, he can add some milk, coffee creamer, whipped cream, or melt caramels in it to cream it up a bit.

Good luck!


I personally would not try running milk through the Keurig. Keurig does offer on their website for purchase, a milk frother, which I must add, works fabulously. My sister bought it about a year and half ago, and it's so easy and great to use. That would be an ideal option, perhaps for your husband!

Marissa Andreozzi

I destroyed my Keurig when I put milk through it and the milk burnt inside the machine and was really hard to clean out and smelled for a few days. So, no please don't put milk in the Keurig, although it is tempting and it seems fine, it will ruin your favorite new kitchen tool.


Thanks everyone! This is just the info I needed in the argument against milk. :)


I have a mini plus that I ran milk through a couple times. Granted the white hot chocolate was to die for when made ..... after a few days the machine soured and I scorched the inside of the brewing cup. I cleaned it out but it still has a certain taste that isnt to good. I would strongly advise against using anything other than filtered water.

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